Experience with LVR?

  1. Does anybody have any experience ordering from LVR? Looks like that is the only place I (hopefully!) am going to be able to find a natural/GH city. Thanks in advance! :yes:
  2. i've never ordered from them but i have heard that their customer service is not very responsive and in addition, they don't take VAT off upfront like NETAPORTER so you may experience some shock when you receive your customs bill
  3. The emails back and forth to buy something are frustrating, very frustrating. However they do ship fast and by fedex. My packaged came wrapped and packed pretty with a bow on it, which was nice. The fedex customs bill that came a week later was not so nice. I doubt I would buy from them again unless I absolutely couldnt find something anywhere else.
  4. So you end up paying the VAT and customs fees?
  5. You pay about 15% in customs taxes to FedEx. They usually send you a bill about a week or two after delivery.
  6. No, not true. they take VAT off the price, but you will pay approxmately 9-10% in customs.

    They do ship right away by fedex in very nice box like Donna says. They're not always responsive, but even with customs their price will is about 15-20% less than full retail in the US.
  7. i second everyone else. the customer service is slow and not very helpful. However the items ship quickly and sometimes you can save a bit cash (even with the customs tax). I would go for it again if i was absolutely positive i wanted the bag or item. If I was on the fence about something, I would def. wait and try to buy the item from a store that offered trouble free returns.
  8. Thanks everybody! Hopefully they still have the natural city w/gh in stock - I will let you know how it turns out! :yes: