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  1. She's got a gorgeous indigo work up for auction and I'm really tempted. But I went through some old posts and there's some negative feedback regarding her bags (color fading, wear on the bag that was not stated). What do you all think of this bag. Her pics aren't the greatest. I can't tell if the color is washed out or if it's just bad lighting. Let me know what you think. Of course, it may be gone by the time I end up deciding. I'm such a procrastinator.

  2. If I didn't feel sure of her pictures I would email her and ask for more. I just bought an INK Day from her, and it came in the condition described.
  3. I bought a lilac city and it was nicer than the photos.
  4. I've never bought from her but I've read posts of members who have, and a lot of the posts were very complimentary. Hopefully someone with direct experience will comment...

    Ah...and they just have in two cross-posts. Good luck with your decision!
  5. Keep in mind this is "authentic_lvlady" not "lvlady" who most of us are more familiar with. Just wanted to make that clarification. :yes:
  6. Woops! I missed that...I was thinking lvlady, not authentic_lvlady.

    Strike my comments! I don't know anything about authentic_lvlady!
  7. Thanks for clarifying, as I have purchased from lvlady99.

    She had awsome pics on her listing and I was thrilled with my bag!
  8. I guess for the price and the color plus the year of the bag it is ok. the bag does look used, scuffed edges, and some dirt/stains on the inside of the bag, the handles look ok they, it has scratches on the leather and looks quite wrinkled actually... i would rather have something in better condition but again, for the price, not bad.
  9. I thot I read in the LV forum that she was authentic. But that is different than fading or accurate description. You might want to search that forum.
  10. I bought a First from her and it was described accurately. She is a good eBayer and seller. However she does not tolerate buyers who don't know what they want / or they bid and never pay. She will not hesitate to leave negative feedback. I actually admire that in her :smile:
  11. i got my gorgeous bordeaux city from authentic_lvlady & it arrived to me exactly as promised:tender:
  12. oops scratch my post, as I have only dealt with LVLady99...! Sorry

  13. Are you sure you are not talking about LVlady99? She has that in her auctions almost word for word.

    I agree that it is easy to confuse these two sellers.
  14. It's very confusing. I thought authentic_lvlady was the one with all the great bbags over the last few weeks?? I remember Fendi was posting all these great bbags from lvlady, but I thought it always listed authentic_lvlady across her pictures??!
  15. LVlady99 has been listing great b-bags for a long time, including the batch of 04 clutches and the Eggplant Weekender that disappeared. Authentic_lvlady seems to be newer on thh b-bag scene but I believe has listed many great, authentic b-bags recently.
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