Experience with longchamp LEATHER?

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  1. How well does the THIN longchamp leather hold up?

    I have only owned the nylon le pliages -- they are indestructible!

    Will I have to baby this little bag or can it take a daily beating?

    I'm over being 'precious' with my pricey handbags :smile:



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  2. I've found their leather bags to be very sturdy.

    I think only exception is the older Rouseau leather. I don't remember the details but there were some issues with that line a few years back.

    If you search for Lonchamp Leather you'll find other posts that might help.
  3. I had a classic shopper tote...but the leather was quite thick and it lasted me for a long time...I bought it in college. Now my mom has it and she uses it.
  4. id be more worried about the pattern wearing than the leather. its cute though
  5. The leather is fine, I'm just not keen on the material that they use to line their bags. I was put off a really beautiful Cosmos because of it.
  6. Such a cute bag!

    Their leather is much sturdier than you'd think. :yes:
  7. I have had 3 of Longchamp leather bags. One LM patent, 1 Rodeo Rival, and one Legende. I do not have a lifestyle so I can baby my bags as other members of TPF do. I have used them in rain and snow, and set them on the ground, and they are fine.
  8. I'm looking for a cute, mid-priced leather bag to replace my current work purse. I'm typically a Gucci/LV person, but I don't carry those to work. Anyhow, I came across a leather Longchamp online that I really like. However, I don't know anything about their leather products.

    Are they quality? Do they hold up well? My work bag gets thrown all over the place.

  9. No one??
  10. If you’ll do a search by 'post' instead if 'thread' you'll find a number of threads about Longchamp that may be helpful. Maybe everyone is out to Oscars parties or something....
  11. Thanks.

    I did that and went back several pages without finding info about the leather bags (there's tons of info about the nylon bags). I even found a thread from 2008 or 2009 where someone asked the same question and no one ever answered.

    I might just have to take the plunge and suck it up.

  12. Thanks.
    I'll post in them, but they still don't address my question...is the leather good and how well does it wear? I'm also NOT look at the Le Pliage line.

    I'll just buy the bag and deal with it.

    Thanks anyway.
  13. I have a leather longchamp and the leather is nice and it did/has worn well. I really like the leather and I don't think it's a bad bag for the price.