Experience with Jomashop.com ?

  1. Hi I am from the Balenciaga forum and looking to purchase my first BV. Can anyone share their experience purchasing BV from Jomashop.com? How's the service and quality of bags since their prices look good. I read from another thread they are legi.
  2. Hi Jems. I just got my bag from Jomashop and there are a couple of things I am concerned about. I am going to post some photos in the authenticate this section tomorrow. I have been working all day and couldn't take photos. You might want to hold off until then.
  3. NWpurselover..... Please post soon. I just ordered a Ferro Sloane from Jomashop an hour ago (the price was unbeatable)! I am now very very worried. :sad:
  4. Jems and NWpurselover - I just received a BV bag from JomaShop. I learned about them on the Fendi forum. I have not heard any problems with authenticity. They are very finicky about returns, so you have to save all packaging and do not remove any tags.

    Anyway, this was the fourth bag I ordered from them in the past 4 months. The first three were cancelled due to non-availability. I was never contacted and each bag didn't show up, plus my online account was never updated with a tracking number. Each time I called and asked "Were you ever going to call me and let me know the order status?" Each time they apologized and made it seem unusual that it happened. So this time, I ordered knowing it was a crap shoot. After a week and a half with no update to "shipped" status, I called and they said it was being shipped out that day.

    So, based on my experience, I'd say they are pretty inefficient and have no true concept of customer service. But the price was right, and I figured I would have to work for this one. I love my new Sloane lots!
  5. Hi jburgh, thanks for sharing. Let's see what happens for mine. Will update you all.
  6. I had some purchasing experience with jomashop, and I can not agree with you more. Although the price is unbeatable, their service is just so bad:yucky:, you can search my previous post on Fendi sub. If you are really sure you won't return the bag then you can just go for it.

  7. HI
    Thanks everyone for replying.
    Jburgh, does the shop charge your card when the order status is unknown ?
  8. jems332 - I ordered on 12/21, my card was charged on 12/27, the bag arrived on 01/04.
  9. Still no news about my Ferro Sloane. :sad: Called Jomashop yesterday and after being put on hold for 20 minutes (hey! it was an international call), I spoke to a very grumpy rep who said that my order is still being processed with no indication of when my transaction would be approved. Sigh......
  10. Woe betide! Just called Jomashop and found out that my order has been cancelled. Apparently they did not have stock when I ordered the bag, although the website reflected the item as being in stock and allowed me to go through the whole ordering process! I think their system needs improving. If you want to save yourself the frustration, give Jomashop a miss. There are better retailers and deals out there.
  11. oh, I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm sure you'll get your ferro Sloane one way or another.
    And 20 minutes on hold? I'd fall asleep or forget I was on hold and hang up.
  12. Minda - I'm frankly not surprised. Sorry your order was cancelled. That happened to me 3 times before my 4th bag was sent.
  13. Hi jburgh, your perseverence paid off! You deserve the bag after so much patience and effort. Jomashop's inventory system needs improving - no other website would reflect an item as available if it has already been sold!

    Just wanted to inform other non-US tpfers that Jomashop charges a processing fee over and above the shipping costs. In my case, the combined shipping costs and processing fee amounted to an additional US$132 over and above the price of the bag. And I had not even added customs. So please bear this in mind when purchasing from Jomashop. I guess the price is really more competitive if you are based in the US.
  14. I put in an online purchase for a BV at jomashop and afterwards, I received an email that says: "Your Order from Jomashop.com - Verification Required"

    The link in the email specifies for me to enter the last 4 digits of my CC.

    Is this normal procedure for this website?

    Please help!
  15. That never happened to me. Give them a call!