experience with I BUY LUXURY?

  1. hey i was wondering if anyone have bought from I BUY LUXURY before? are they legit?
    thanks in advance!
  2. I haven't purchased from this co before but always like to check out eBay stores I am not familiar with. Looks pretty trustworthy from a feedback and quality of store layout/information given. Hope that assists.
  3. I bought one item from them years ago, a DY 18K amethyst and diamonds pendant (no silver, all gold). This ebayer was one of my best experiences and I was very happy with the pendant. When I received the piece I personally had two local DY jeweler/dealers take a look at it for authenticity and quality and was very happy to confirm all was right on. Every time I wear it I get lots of compliments, the fact that other people notice it and say 'wow' I think its a sign of a real deal as well.