Experience with Hairlocs Extensions?

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May 6, 2007
Washington, D.C.
Has anyone had the Hairlocs extensions? I am thinking about getting them but want to hear other's experiences and price quotes. I have not received a quote yet and the only person I have seen with them is the stylist who would be doing my hair. So hoping to get some honest opinons out there before I decide to jump in...


Sep 25, 2006
I've had Hairlocs for years..
it's costly to maintain..
before Hairlocs, I had wefts,
not as costly, but the pulling gave me to bald spots that took forever to grow back..

I've done a lot of research on different techniques, but I haven't been sold on anything else.
I keep reading that they are bad for your hair, cause breakage etc..
but, again, I haven't found anything else..
every technique has it's downside.

I've always gone to the same person, but she moved away for a brief time..I tried two other ladies..
the hair sucked and got frizzy..

Thank god my gal moved back..
she uses good hair..

Make sure you go to someone that has been doing it for while..
and not a part timer..
and don't be fooled by ones that are cheap..
all hair is NOT alike..
I found this out the hard way..

Also, try to avoid salons..you'll be paying more..
go with an experienced independent.

There's a popular hair forum that has a hair extension section..
google it for more info..
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