Experience with Colored Contacts..Good and Bad?

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  1. I tried colored contacts when I was 20, my mom got blue colored ones for me and they were *awful* they slid all over the place, it was a mess. I have hazel eyes and have been dying to try them again..

    What are your experiences, any reputable place you have had a good experience with ?
  2. I had good experiences with them. In fact dh said that it were the colour of my eyes that caught his attention. I had emerald contacts that were really natural looking. maybe try a different brand? The lenses should be moving all over the place.
  3. I'm looking for a blue but natural looking, I'm glad you had a good experience. I can't wait to try them again! I'm looking to order them online though, since I already have a prescription.
  4. I used them years and years ago and never had any functional problems with them. They should fit just like every other contacts. The problem I have with them is that they look too fake. Even the high quality ones with color variations (like the color variations on an actual iris) still look fake.
    Anyway, I hope you find what you're looking for OP. Do your research because there are lots of companies that offer them.
  5. I have brown eyes and sometimes I switch to light brown/hazel contacts. I like the way they look, but the BF hates them. He says that he likes my real eyes better because they have more depth and detail to them, and that the colored contacts look fake. They have been received well by other friends, though, and I like the way they look, so I still wear them!
  6. i love colored contacts, its fun to experience with different colors. i always get "freshlook colorblends" by "CIBA vision" and i never had problems with them. theres lots of different colors to choose from
  7. I've been wearing coloured lenses for 20 years or so. No problems at all, though I do prefer certain brands over others, but that's just because of the colours more than anything else.
  8. Anyone have astimatism? I do and I really want colored contact.
  9. ^I do. Color contact doesnt come with astimatism degree.
    If you're fine without it, you can try. I'm wearing it without the asti. Things get blur when I'm trying to read boards, especially at night. Mine is -1.00

    And also, I heard that the color lens that is available in the market is not suitable for people who has big eyes. I'm told that bigger eyes is flatter and will constrict after wearing the lens for a few hours and thus will give blur vision and tired eyes.
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    personally i like the acuvue coloured lenses - they're almost as wearable as my regular ones. however, i would advise you to order only one box of whichever brand you choose at the start to see how they fit and see how they feel over a period of a few days.

    it may take some trial & error to find the right brand/coloured contact line for you; the base curves & diameters are not comparable across brands or even 100% compatible across product lines within brands. however, there are many, many coloured lens options available these days, so with a little perseverance, i'm sure you'll find a style that works for you

    i actually had a similar history to you - tried coloured lenses way back in the day, they hurt like crazy, gave up, then rediscovered them a couple of years ago, and while i don't wear them everyday, they come out for all the special occasions (^(oo)^)v
  11. I wore them for several years before I got my eyes nuked. But I wore the same color as my eyes, green. Can't remember the brand, but they did not change the color of your eyes. They were kind of sheer and just an enhancement. I had a friend who wore blue ones with her brown eyes and you could see the brown around the edges so they looked kinda strange.
  12. I've never seen blue contacts that looked 100% natural on brown or hazel eyes. There's this brand from Brazil though, I forget what it's called, that makes ones that are decent on darker eyes...
  13. I wore colored contacts for a little while and hated them. They would constantly shift in my eyes and I'd see the colored part of them.
  14. My daily 13.8 mm ones, are much smaller than the 14.2 mm ones that are typically sold and actually look very natural. I don't have the blue ones I have grey. No one can really tell I've been wearing them for several years on my brown eyes - you have to get really upclose to see they are fake.

    Last year, people that known me for a couple years got a shock of their lifetime, when I showed up one day without my contacts. :biggrin:

    I use Freshlook dailies and they run me about 90 $ per month.
  15. I wore freshlook colored contacts for years and never had a problem with. I do have an astigmatism and they never bothered my eyes. I would definitely recommend them.