Experience with Bergdorf Goodman pre-orders?

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  1. I pre-ordered a pair of the Black Patent So Kates from BG on the 27th or so of December, and now almost two months later, they don't have any idea when they will be getting their shipment...I'm trying to be patient, but does anyone have any idea regarding how long Bergdorfs usually takes to get their pre-order stock in? I've seen on IG that a few of the other department stores are getting restocked so I'd imagine that they will be in stock soon...I know Saks is usually at least 1-2 months earlier than their estimated dates, but I haven't heard anything about BG...TIA!
  2. I'm having the same problem too. I placed 2 order with them back in October as a bday gift and it's still back order. Which sucks cause my cc has been pending since oct.
  3. Was your pre order for a pair of CL? It's so frustrating because I see that other stores are getting them and I just hope they don't cancel it or drop the ball:..

  4. Yes it was. I order 2 pair of flats.
  5. Saks has gotten several orders since you ordered yours... I would watch for all the SA's for saks on IG then snag a pair and cancel with BG
  6. There are some 35.8 and 38.5 in nude that just got posted
  7. i backordered on Barney's and i got a pair in a month and my friend the same way very fast,i got the black one..and found them very very uncomfy....
  8. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread--I was wondering how things turned out for you... I pre-ordered a pair of ombre new VP's from bergdorf goodman bc they were significantly cheaper compared to preordering from Saks... initially they were supposedly shipping around beginning of August but got a message it will be end of September now. It's enough of a price difference I'm willing to wait BUT I'm terrified if something goes wrong and they DONT fill my order I'll have missed my chance to buy them anywhere and will have to wait forever for some resales to get listed on the Internet. Did you cancel your order and buy elsewhere or just wait?