experience with antiobiotics during pregnancy

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  1. I caught my son's conjunctivitis due to bacteria, which means we both need to take antibiotics through eye drops. of course it says that the benefits should outweigh the risks during pregnancy (....) and I am just a bit freaked out right now that these may harm my baby.

    I am 32 weeks now and I started doing some google research but just couldn't continue reading any of this.... just too many horror stories out there.

    anybody have any experience or input regarding this?

    this hasn't been a great weekend - my son has been really sick, stomach, fever, and they have diagnosed him dust allergy so he has to take some medication, plus the eye thing..... so I am already a bit down and now I feel even worse. TIA!
  2. I had to take 2 full courses of antibiotics while I was pregnant. I did not have conjunctivitis; I had 2 urinary tract infections toward the end of my pregnancy when my twins were getting big and pressing heavily against my bladder.

    I remember being sick with worry that I had to do it (in my case it was Macrobid; is yours Cipro?) because of the risk/benefit warning you mentioned. I was even more freaked out b/c the second course I took was around 33 weeks gestation and the pamphlet inside warned that the antibiotic should not be taking close to delivery due to potential risks to the newborn... with twins, of course, delivery could very easily have been that early!

    Long story short, I worried for nothing! The twins continued to thrive, they didn't suffer any horrendous side effects or at least, if they did, there was no evidence of it at delivery. They were 37 weekers, healthy, relatively plump, alert and overall unaffected!

    In your case, since this is a topical application of the antibiotic, I would worry even less. Yeah some of it will likely get to your daughter, but I would imagine it's a minute quantity and probably considerably less than what you'd get if you had to take the antibiotics by mouth. I doubt that enough would be absorbed, metabolized by your body and then passed through the placenta to affect your baby in any way whatsoever let alone do her harm!

    (This last paragraph is, of course, all speculation since I'm no doc. Maybe one of the physician ladies here will pitch in and confirm this or correct it if it's wrong!)

    BTW I can't believe how far along you are; it feels like you just announced it yesterday, or if we want to go back in time even more it actually feels like were were having those conversations about your thesis and my finding out if I was even pregnant just last week...how did it go by so fast??? :nuts:

    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, have a smooth, uneventful labor and I cannot wait to see pics of your little baby girl; I'm sure she'll be totally adorable!
  3. I also had to take antibiotics while pregnant with my first child. This was in my first trimester due to a bladder infection. I wouldn't worry too much about it since you're 32 weeks along. Most everything is pretty far developed by now :smile:
  4. I too had to take Macrobid to all 3 of my pregnancies due to UTI's. But the last pregnancy, I came down with it about 3-4 times. One time it became so severe (I was shivering like crazy and my kidney area was sore) that my DH called an ambulance b/c he was so freaked out and I was about 7 months pregnant at that time. I knew it was another UTI but he didn't want to take any chances b/c of how far along I was with my pregnancy. I did see my doctor the next day and I was correct that it was a UTI and was given another dose of Macrobid.
  5. I had to take antibiotics twice during pregnancy as well for bronchial infections (actually, maybe three times, and was taking a bunch of other asthma meds as well). My guy is little (5lbs, 2oz) due to other pregnancy complications, but he's perfect. Super-cute, good natured, and seems really advanced for being only a month old. As long as it's something that's been prescribed for you, it should be fine.
  6. I had to take antibiotics with both my pregnancies. With my first pregnancy I was on antibiotics very early in the first trimester for a UTI and then again at 39 weeks for another UTI. With my second pregnancy I ended up in the hospital because of another UTI that started making me contract at 24 weeks and I had started spotting. Unfortunately, for whatever reason I have NO symptoms when I have a UTI so it makes it really hard for me to tell. I was on antibiotics and both of my girls were born healthy. I wouldn't worry about your meds. I'm sure your doctor wouldn't prescribe something that would harm your baby.

  7. ^ thanks for your response! your babies are totally adorable btw.

    I know, time has passed so fast, I can't believe that I am at this point already. hoping that labour indeed will be uneventful this time (it wasn't last time...). thanks for your well wishes - hope you are in the midst of enjoying all the great aspects of motherhood!
  8. thanks for everyone's input - that day was a teary-eyed one anyway, I went into the pharmacy in tears, asking whether this particular drug would be very harmful to my baby and they had to console me (which they did very nicely). the last few days have not been easy anyway, too many vivid nightmares because of the pregnancy and my child is only very slowly getting better.

    I do feel better though, and hopefully everything will be alright.