Experience with AFF

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  1. Hi all, I did a search on this but am unable to find much info. Can anyone share their experience either buying or doing a layaway with ann's fabulous finds? many thanks!
  2. i just sent you a PM :yes:
  3. Bought, consigned, lay-away, I have done it all. No problems, Ann is wonderful to deal with.
  4. Same here. :tup:
  5. thanks nicole and chessmont!
  6. I tried consigning with them, but my bag didn't sell for months and months so I asked her to send it back and they did, no problem. They were very nice about it too.
  7. i've only bought one item from AFF and it's not a bbag. it was overall a good shopping experience. almost did get a used bbag from her but there's just one tiny minor thing i didn't like. the bag had darkish handles and they said the bag's been used once or twice in one of the emails.
  8. Ann and Troy were great!
  9. Both Ann and Troy are sweethearts. They respond super fast and are wonderful to work with. I have bought and consigned with them and both were very easy and pleasant transactions.
  10. I have never bought anything (yet) but they always answer my emails in a timely manner, and they are very sweet!

  11. ^^ ann's an absolute D*O*L*L!!! :tup:
  12. Nothing but wonderful transactions for me!
  13. love Ann she is the best :tup:
  14. Ditto!! :tup: :yes:
  15. i've never bought anything from them however there's tons of people who have bought and sold items with Anna and I've never heard any negative feedback.