experience ordering from bloomie's?

  1. i'm wondering because i ordered a bag last year and they sent the wrong one...

    i ordered a dr q groovee satchel in chocolate (around noon today) and it said "will ship in 42 business days." right now, the site is saying it's no longer available. hmm...i'm feeling very skeptical now.

    has anyone ordered a bag under similar circumstances ("on order...will ship in ___ business days)? i'm on hold with customer service right now.
  2. I actually just ordered from bloomingdales today as well, except for a deal on a pair of seven jeans, and it says it will ship in 42 days for me as well, and it is no longer available for purchase on the website also. I received the confirmation for the order but I'm guessing its going to be cancelled, I have not heard good things about online orders from bloomingdales. What did customer service say about your order?
  3. i was on hold for 30 minutes...ugh.

    she basically said nothing helpful-that my order should ship by 2/26/08. thanks lady---i read that on my order confirmation. i'm annoyed.

    i guess we keep our fingers crossed?

    good luck with your jeans!
  4. When it says 42 days, you pretty much won't get it. In my experience, you definitely won't get. I just did a couple of other posts on bloomingdales.com, if you are interested, read them.
  5. I don't want to give you false hope but the last two orders I placed on bloomies website were for things that were scheduled to "ship in 42 days."

    I got everything I ordered both times within a regular ground shipping timeframe. Like... two days later I got confirmation of shipping and 5 days later the items arrived. These were for clothing items and not for bags, though.
  6. i have had many orders confirmed then a few days later cancelled.....lost a behati mbmj last week that way...it is so frustrating...but today i got SHIPPING confirmation (that is good) for mbmj quinn turnlock and zip clutch yayyyyy
    good luck...it's worth trying!
  7. I ordered a few times from Bloomies and if it is something that "will ship in 42 business days," I usually never receive the items...they eventually get cancelled. That is one of the frustrating things about Bloomie's online. They give you false hope because before finally cancelling my order, they sent me one or two emails reminding me that my order will be shipping once available...:confused1:
  8. i also saw that the last time i ordered from bloomies and they ended up canceling my order. :sad:
  9. I just ordered a bag last week and I received an order confirmation AND shipped confirmation but then received a Return Confirmation (?) when I never even received the bag. I'm not impressed with Bloomingdales.com
  10. i just got a shipping confirmation email...
    i'll believe it when i see it, i guess!

    i'm still wondering if i should have paid full price, but i really wanted it in chocolate. oh well.