Experience order from LV site online.

  1. Last 2 days I have ordered a LV bag online. I have already paid and printed all the details. I went to check and I think the transaction was authorized and my available balance of the day was taking out. ( The site stated that money will take from the a/c when order dispatched). Should I get my money back at that time or wait for more few days? Anyone has an experience about this?

    Yesterday I visited the site to update the order details and found that there was no order information on my a/c. I also received an e-mail that they couldn't process my order. Today I visit LV website again and the bag is still available. Just wonder......If they have no item available why the system let people go to purchase and checkout. :cursing:

    So worry now about my money and am lazy to contact them if there is a problem. It would be so complicated and I have to call many times to gain my money back. :cursing:
  2. Well did you pay with a credit card or a debit card? If it's a debit card they may have put a hold on the money for (usually)48 hours and then if no process comes through the money will show available again. If it's a credit card then it should not have taken the money until the process actually went through.
  3. It is a debit card. I need to control my speding so I paid through debit card. That's why I do worry about it.

    Thank you for your answer and I will wait for more 24 hours.
  4. Maybe you did not have sufficient funds in your debit card for the purchase?
  5. The card was already authorized and money already taken out from my available of the day.

    It should not reach you completed the check-out if your card did not authorized.

    The bag cost nearly 400 and I got 2000 something in that a/c. I think it should be fine. :confused1:
  6. Is it on elux?
  7. No, I ordered from LV site in UK.
  8. You can order directly from Vuitton.com in the UK? Are you sure you weren't directed to ELUX?
  9. yes UK resident and french can order directly from vuittton.com :yes:
  10. I'm 100% sure becuase elux didn't ship to UK and shipping cost is also in pound stering.
  11. IDK good luck
  12. I have ordered from LV website in UK with no problem, they should have sent order confirmation to your email address?
  13. I have order confirmation a few minutes after finished checkout and the next day they sent me an e-mail that they couldn't process my order.

    I have already check the money in my a/c today and it was already recovered back to my a/c.

    Thank you so much for all your helps.
  14. Strange they couldnt process you should contact & ask why
  15. Yep i usually order through Vuitton.com due to me living in the UK, they send receipt of conformation and then another receipt when sending item.