experience of buying from thecorner.com?

Aug 14, 2008
Hi, Have you bought from them and are they a) authentic, b) reliable and c) good if bags are faulty and need to be returned? I have found a reasonably priced black large proenza PS1 on their website (well, 'reasonable' is all relative!) and would love to buy it but want to know more about them before I lay down that kind of money.

Secondly, does anyone know of other authentic EU stores that sell the PS1 and ship to the UK - the obvious, net a porter, is out of stock of the colour I want...

Many thanks!:biggrin:


Jan 20, 2006
They are definitely authentic. They are run by yoox. They use to only sell menswear until recently.

I haven't had any problems with them except for their shipping. I paid for expedited, but my order didn't show up until two weeks later.