Experience Buying in an Outlet Store in US

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  1. #1 Feb 4, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
    Hi All,

    I am new to the purseforum and would like to make an enquiry with regard to purchasing a Prada bag from one of its Outlet store in the US.

    A friend of mine bought a Prada bag (Tessuto Nylon with Saffiano leather trim) from a US Outlet store and showed it to me.

    2 things that caught me off guard:-

    1) It is "MADE IN INDIA"
    2) The dustbag is much more thinner and has alot of micro holes to its fabric unlike the boutique ones that are with the 'Made in Italy' tag.

    Besides these 2 issues, the bag itself is very substantial and all other markings/hardware/leather/fabric/receipt/built quality is correct.

    Are the variation between the boutique and outlet store that different? Does the Prada US outlet store sell fakes *gasp!*?

    Thanks for reading and any quality response sincerely appreciated.


  2. I would like to also include that it does come with the control card and the dustbag although different in quality is also stamped with the correct Prada logo...
  3. Outlet stores do not sell fakes.

    A lot of outlets now make products specifically for the outlet. They often have lesser quality than the full price brand stores.

    There has been some debate about the quality from Prada outlets specifically and I suspect a general sweeping statement cannot be made, it really depends on the individual product itself.

    Are you sure your friend purchased it at a legit Prada outlet?
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  4. #4 Feb 4, 2019
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    Yes definitely, no doubt my friend went to a legit Prada Outlet in Los Angeles. The bag that she bought is not an exclusive as the model is available in the Prada Boutiques too. What threw me off guard was the dustbag. The quality is way different than the ones from the boutique.

    Also considering that the bag is Made in India (Seems that Prada has factories there too?) it might seem weird then that the dustbag is Made in Italy.

    I've been to the Prada Boutiques and they do have genuine bags Made in Turkey/Romania but provided with the Made in Italy dustbag upon purchase.

    Is this not Made in Italy dustbag a new thing for India production (only?) because if that is the case then it can no longer be used for authentication purpose.
  5. We don’t comment about specifics to do with authentication around these parts but I think it’s pretty standardly accepted that things like dust bags, receipts, cards etc. do not factor into the authentication process.
  6. I’m not surprised that your friends Prada dust bag from the outlet is thinner than the ones from the regular boutique as I recently bought a Miu Miu purse from the outlet (inside the Prada outlet) and the dustbag that came with my purse is not the same nice thicker material one as the one from the boutique. My bag didn’t even come with a nice box. Only with the thin, paper-like white dust bag.
    Prada/Miu Miu has purses specifically made for their outlet stores as well as items from their regular boutiques can be found at their outlet stores. So I doubt that your friends Prada bag is fake. The dust bag doesn’t mean much when it comes to authenticating a bag...