expensive sunglasses vs. cheapies

  1. is there a difference? and, at what cost? i've never been one to spend $ on sunglasses, but i'm in love w/a very expensive pair. thanks for your input!
  2. I am like you. I buy cheapies but have fallen in love with some LV ones.

    I buy my hubby expensive Oakleys and he takes great care of them and they last forever.

    I wish I could be like that. I end up using them to hold my hair back and they get stretched out or I lose them.

    When I tried on the LV ones I could physically feel the difference from cheap ones because they felt heavier and more durable...I know that better ones are also supposed to be better for your eyes.

    Treat yourself and get the expensive ones!!!
  3. I think expensive sunglasses are more comfortable and durable. I don't think they are honestly worth THAT much more, but if you like the style and aren't prone to losing things they are worth it.
  4. ^^^I am prone to losing so no expensive sunnies for me.. :sad:
  5. I have a pair of Gucci and Chanel..........I think they are much more better quality than the cheap ones.....
  6. mmm I always buy the expensive. I have Gucci, Chanel & Rayban!
    Definitely better quality then the cheaper. Rayban are probably the best glasses but Chanel do it for me on the fashion item :smile:
  7. Expensive sunnies are usually made of higher qualities and tend to last longer than cheap ones. However, when it comes to cheap sunnies, just make sure you don't buy fake ones or really cheap ones from street vendors since I heard that some of them will lie about having UV protection (even though they have the UV sticker on it) when they really have none. Thus, it will damage your eyes.
  8. I buy only expensive sunglasses. My lastest buy were a pair of Dior's. LOVE them.
  9. I like expensive ones
    but I love vintage oversized sunglasses that are often second hand and cheap :p
  10. I go for designer sunglasses (expensive) because they are definitely much more durable and protect your eyes better. They might not really be worth the whole price tag (most of it, I'm sure, is due to the name on it) but they are surely better than cheapies. My Chanels lasted me AGES and never scratched even though I have butter-hands. I only passed them onto my mum because I got ahold of a much-lusted pair of Marc Jacobs.

    Get the designer ones, you won't repent!! As long as you don't lose them, of course.
  11. they are also hand made :nuts:

    not an experience of mine but my friends tell me that they alwyas buy cheap sunnies because they always lose expensive ones

    i buy designer because of the style feels more durable and it's nice to spoil myself sometimes.
  12. I don't lose sunglasses, so I opt for the nicer ones that will last you several years.
  13. I love my Fendi sunglasses. More expensive sunglasses are better quality and they'll last a lot longer so its a good investment.
  14. I don't have very high-end sunnies, but I've noticed a significant difference in quality between my Vera Wang glasses and cheapies. They once dropped to the floor in the car and I half closed the door on them with no ill effects, so they are DEFINITELY better quality than cheapies!
  15. I usually wait till designer ones go on sale. I always end up scratching them, or losing them, so it's not worth it to pay full price.