Expensive Shower Gels vs. Drugstore Ones

  1. Okay, so I always just buy whatever shower gel is 4.99 or 5.99 at the drugstore. I've never had a problem with them and they smell nice.
    Do expensive shower gels (ie. Philosophy) really make a difference? I want to get a bottle, but don't know if 24 dollars on a shower gel is worth the price.
  2. I am a self professed Philosophy shower gel addict and recently discovered that HELLO that is A LOT to pay for shower gel! It smells yummy, but after switching to Bath & Body works shower gels (pretty cheap when you get the buy 3 get 1 free deal) there is zero zip zilch nada difference. If you are strapped for cash at all or trying to cut down on uneccessary expenditures, don't waste the money on Philosophy. Much of the stuff at Bath & Body "copies" the scents that Philosophy has and it is half the price or less.
  3. I have had a ton of problems with drugstore shower gels (bad reactions to perfumes, itchy skin, bumps, etc), but I've found one at Trader Joes that is about 5-bucks, lasts a month, and it wonderful! It's a lavender something or other (sorry, can't remember) and it's great.

    They also have great sugar scrubs, and a mango shaving cream that is heavenly! All pretty cheap and made without a bunch of chemicals.
  4. ^ I agree :yes:

    Philosophy smells GREAT, but you're pretty much paying for the scent. The difference in quality isn't that noticeable IMO...

    I've been using Dove cream oil body wash and it's fantastic for my dry skin! And I got a 2-pack of it at Costco for a fraction of what one bottle of Philosophy would have cost! :tup:
  5. Ive tried both and I always go back to my soft-soap (which is actually soap free it says) nutri-oil in the almond scent. smells great, cleans well, and is the right price for something i use up so fast
  6. The main difference is the quality of ingredients. Brands like Philosophy and LUSH tend to use natural extracts while those sold cheap at drugstores tend to use synthetics which can sometimes cause problems to dry or sensitive skin. Moreover I find that more expensive shower products tend to be of a less fluid consistency so they actually last longer over time.
  7. Showergel is one of the things I never spend much money on- does not make a difference to me and so it is easily saved money!
  8. I cannot justify spending so much money on a highbrand showergel when all I will do is wash it off! They may have nice smell but by the time I have rinsed my skin the smell is gone! I also wash wice a day so that would be a terrible waste of money
  9. I don't really see any difference between cheap shower gels and expensive ones. It's on you for such a short amount of time and rinsed off so quickly that I don't think it really matters for most people. Unless someone has extremely sensitive skin, I think it's fine to use pretty much anything. With high end stuff like Philosophy, you're definitely paying for the scent.
  10. I find fragrant shower gels don't work for me because I get rashes or itches around those very sensitive areas. I do find that the more expensive ones to be a bit better with their fragrant.
    I've been using Cetaphil gel for my body and it seems perfect. I've tried Clarins and I found that one to be good also, but pricey.
  11. I don't see the point in spending a lot of money on shower gel. My skin is very dry, and Bath and Body Works and whatever Marshall's or TJMaxx has works fine for me. I've tried the expensive stuff and it sure didn't seem worth it. I've never gone super cheap with the $1 stuff, because I think that stuff would irritate my skin.
  12. ITA with all the others. Yes, if I had unlimited funds to spend on shower gels I would. Not to say I haven't tried expensive ones. But to me there is no big difference. Personally, I use suave shower gels or from Avon.
  13. I've tried the expensive stuff like Philosophy, and honestly, it isn't that different than what I can get at Costco from Dove or other brands. Better to have more money to spend on purses and such!!
  14. Philosophy products make me itch. I have one relative who keeps buying them for me no matter how many times I say please don't. So I give them away. I have used Neutrogena shower gel and I love it. It lathers better than anything and keeps your sking soft. I also use Kiss My Face shower gel-they have one for cold and flu which makes you feel less congested when you take a shower. I just think it is hit and miss. Yes the expensive shower gels are great but I rather spend my money on a good body moisturizer.
  15. I've used both expensive and cheap shower gels, and I honestly don't find them to be different. I like buying cheap stuff, so I can use a lot of it instead of rationing the expensive stuff.