Expensive shoes

  1. Hello ladies,

    Just curious. Anyone of you send you new expensive leather sole shoes to the cobbler to have rubber sole over it? Or am I the only odd person who does that? I've always thought by doing so, the shoe last longer and also add friction when I wear them. I don't like dancing around on marble floors in public places.


    ***Maybe I've been wasting my time all these years.***
  2. Not new ones. I just did that to my favorite pair of Pradas to make them last longer. I will probably do it to my other shoes that I wear a lot after a while.
  3. Ok. That's it. I'm strange. I've been doing it to all my shoes that cost more than $200. I think this time round, I'll try not to do it.
  4. Many ppl do that. Your cobbler wouldn't stay in business otherwise! lol

    I do them with shoes I know I'll be wearing alot, but not shoes that I wear sporadicly.
  5. I usually wear my shoes before I take them to the cobbler. But you are probably adding years of life to your shoes by adding the sole before you even wear them. I will start doing this with my new shoes, my only problem is that I am usually too impatient to wait a week before I can wear my new shoes.
  6. Same here.
  7. Well I have never done that...but I should problably start. It never occurred to me, but it sounds like a great idea to do it on shoes that you really like and wear a lot....
  8. I get it done to all of my shoes as soon as I buy them. I need the extra friction. :p
  9. I have instantly had rubber soles on most of my non-CL designer shoes. It has really preserved the shoes I wear frequently and makes them less slippery.

    I have held off having rubber soles put on my CLs because I didn't want to ruin the red soles. For traction, I add an adhesive non-skid pad to the bottom of any new CLs, cut down to fit the shape of the shoe.
  10. I almost always rubber sole my shoes regardless of price. This is to prevent me from slipping when I walk (I tend to walk very quickly).
  11. i do it to all my shoes-designer or not, unless they have an extremely thick sole. helps extend the life of the shoe tremendously IMO!
  12. That's my other reason for doing it. Just wore my Tod's cos I can't wait. Darn!
  13. I think you´re being smart. My Mum would always do it and I don´t...I just change shoes and slip...
  14. I do it to everyday shoes, but not evening shoes.
  15. My mom takes it to the cobbler the moment she buys a new pair!