Expensive shoes... more comfortable, or just more expensive?

  1. Okay, I am seriously debating my first pair of black Louboutin heels. But here's my question. Are they COMFORTABLE or just expensive? I could justify the money if they are going to rock my world in terms of style and feel good, too. For some reason, I can justify dropping a lot on a bag... but not on shoes. I mean, you WALK on them for crying out loud! Someone help me... what do YOU think?

    P.S. I have narrow feet, but can wear medium widths in some lines, such as Linea Paolo. Anyone want to comment on what designer shoes tend to run narrow? I need a black closed-toe pump for work, but want one that will look hot with great jeans, too.
  2. Just more expensive IMO. They use better quality materials, but in general I can find cheaper shoes and be happy with them. I use the money I save on purses. Although I do want some Louboutins. I already have a pair of Chanel flats.
  3. most of them . . just more expensive in my experience!
    I LOVE a couture shoe, but I rarely find a truly comfy pair :sad:
  4. Okay, so who can recommend a COMFORTABLE and STYLISH pair of black dress pumps (nothing over 3.5 inches)??? Must have pointy toes. :smile:
  5. Comfort really depends on your foot and that particular shoe. Every foot and shoe is different! Go try it on in the store (on hard floor). :biggrin:
  6. what about the Manolo Blahnik Mary-Janes? i have those and they're really comfortable.

  7. Got these today... what do ya'll think?
  8. Oooh, I like those very much! They're beautiful!
  9. Louboutin "Miss Tick" pumps are very comfortable. I have 2 of them and they don't hurt my feet at all as there is a nice padding. Miss Tick pumps are round toe and about 3" heels. If you have narrow feet, even better as I find Louboutins made for narrower feet.
  10. What about length on Louboutins? I usually wear either an 8.5 or 9... how do you find that they run?
  11. I have Prada sport sneakers, 2 pair of Chanel sneakers they are my most comfortable shoes. As far as dressy I buy some expensive shoes but they have to be comfortable. I don't want to be in club getting my party on and all I keep thinking about is my DAMN feet hurt. So it really depends on the shoe.
  12. I have to say, my Manolo Carolynes are the most comfy shoes I own, period. I think in general, if you're going 3+ inches, the more expensive the shoe, the more likely you'll be to wear them comfortably. I bought some pink Via Spigas in a crunch (needed something to match my new dress and no Manolos on the island!) while on vacation a couple years back, and they hurt like crazy and gave me the worst blisters, I ended up walking home barefoot. And I NEVER get blisters, running around NYC in heels all the time.
  13. my Manolo Sedaraby D'Orsays are my most expensive pair of shoes, and they're almost 4", but they're my most comfortable pair of designer shoes
  14. I would have to say they're just more expensive in my opinion. I have a pair of LV pumps and boy do they hurt after a couple hours of wear. Same goes for my Dior heels and my Chanel sandals. I have yet to find an expensive pair of shoes that do not hurt or blister my feet. You'd think that for all the money you spent, they'd be the most comfortable shoes in the world.
  15. Length for me is fine. In the older Louboutins I find that the sizing is a bit funny. But with the new Louboutins, I find that they are true to size.