Expensive Shoes: Better Quality?

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  1. Are we really getting our money's worth when we plonk down hundreds of dollars on designer shoes? After reading the YSL Tribute thread and having to send back my Manolo Sedarabys when the disc fell off, I really started thinking that maybe our shoes are no better quality than much cheaper shoes. Am I wrong?
  2. I have never bought my designer shoes because I thought the quality was better..really because the design was better. I have had all of the same issues with my designer shoes as my less expensive shoes...and my shoe collection runs the gamut....from LV to Louboutin, Gucci...to Payless (just purchased). I do not believe that more expensive shoes, handbags, clothes etc... are necessarily better quality...I think they are all prone to get the same issues as the less expensive brands.
  3. I love all my shoes. I haven't had my high-end shoes for a long time but my oldest pair (thierry rabotin wave sandals) has lasted me since 2005 but I need to get the elastic replaced and get another little strap thing made (that holds down the strap after it goes through the buckle). I've had very good luck so far - I've got lots of vintage Ferragamos with plenty of wear left on them just as I have my black suede pumas from 2003 that still look good.
    That's horrible that the little plaque from your Sederabys fell off! I'd expect MUCH MORE for that much money. I think when we buy expensive shoes we EXPECT quality but can't always find it. One of my friends has had the worst luck with MBMJ shoes. They ate her feet and when they stopped giving her blisters, gave up on life and fell apart.
    My handbags have held up well. From my dickies purse to a Louis Vuitton Soho backpack everything's fine and dandy.
  4. you kind of summed up what I was trying to say...that good and bag quality can be found in items of all price ranges!!!
  5. I think that for the most part, more expensive shoes are of better quality but just like everything, there are bound to be exceptions to the rule. It's just like TVs, refrigerators, ovens, etc. While thousands of people may use a specific model for years with no problems, there may just be a few people that get them and they break right away. Luck of the draw, if you will. There are always a few bad apples, I guess it's what I'm trying to say.

    That said, cheaper shoes do not necessarily mean lesser quality. There are very well made shoes out there that are inexpensive, especially when compared to brands like Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, YSL, etc.

    However, there have been a lot of complaints about the quality, or at least quality control, of Christian Louboutin shoes.
  6. The higher price range doesn't always mean the best quality, and even though I LOOOOVE Louboutin, I know that although there is some difference between the quality of a $600 shoe and a $60 shoe, the $540 difference didn't all go to the quality. As anne said, for me, it's largely about the design, and although I don't have a problem with people buying knockoffs (NOT fakes), I personally would rather have the real thing.

  7. ^^^What she said!!!
  8. I really hate to say it but I've had more problems with high-end shoes than with low end shoes. In fact, I haven't had any problems with low-end shoes. But I still buy high-end once in a while if I really like the design but I don't hope for superior quality anymore. I fully realize that I pay "needless markup" just for the name+commission for the Sales staff. Helps to cut down on my purchases :smile:
  9. I think that the difference is how much you care your shoes. If you have a very expensive pair of shoes but you storage them dirty and dont be careful when you walk with them, is possible they will be damaged.

    The 95% of my shoes is not from deseigner, but I care them like they be all Laboutins of $1.200...

    :graucho: I have shoes from 10 years ago, like new.....
  10. My high end shoes last, fit, and feel much better than my cheaper shoes. An example would be the 3 cheap flats that I purchased last year: Jessica Simpson flats, and 2 pairs of Me Too flats. Anyway all 3 cheap pairs looked completed used and busted within 2-3 months of wear: lifting around the edges, scuffed badly, and fading. However my Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch flats still look almost new after the entire winter and some of spring season.
  11. ^^That reminds me: I have two pairs of cheap flats from Urban Outfitters, and they are sooo uncomfortable! It seems like the nail in the heel was just covered with a small square of cushion, so it still digs into my heel after a little while. Not even my 4-inch Louboutins are that painful!
  12. I'm a sucker for leather lining because my feet needs to breathe. Regardless of price or brand, that's what I look for.

    I don't differentiate shoes by price. Quality is the deciding factor for me. I have hand made shoes that cost $$ and last FOREVER versus premium designer brands that cost $$$$ and start falling apart after a season of wear.
    Of course, I also have $$$$ shoes that have stood the test of time.

    However, I am willing to pay $$$$ for beautiful impractical shoes. Just simply because they are like art pieces to me. I wouldn't wear a satin bejeweled pump everyday but each time I wear it, I'll feel like a princess.

    For classic shoes, I strongly advise spending more for better quality. A beautiful pair of pumps will last a long time and it's well worth the money.
  13. Just like bags, once you get over a certain pricepoint it is no longer about the materials and the workmanship; it is about the name. So while I don't think we can compare non-leather $10 shoes to Italian leather and crafted shoes, we likely could compare mid-range, well-constructed leather shoes to high-end designer shoes and often find it a toss-up as to which was better quality.

    Often, it also depends on the quirks of each brand. While many people claim that certain lower-end brands are terrible or uncomfortable, there are just as many people who find that those same brands fit them perfectly. This is much like the discussions about whether Manolo or CL is more comfortable. The fact is, it depends on your feet.
  14. I really think that more expensive shoes have better quality and design. That doesn't mean that there aren't extremely uncomfortable expensive shoes. But lately I've just been buying Christian Louboutins and compared to all the other designers inspired by CL, CL's shoes have better quality and they fit better for me. I've been through my share of low, mid, and high priced shoes and I really think that you do get what you pay for, esp when you're on your feet in them for about 8 hours straight. I have a big fear of plastic/pleather shoes. You can imagine how nasty it is in 105 degree weather.
  15. i think there are so many amazing designs and styles that stem from the high end designers. they inevitably trickle down to more affordable versions, but if i love the style i feel like the more affordable versions just don't do the design/style justice and make them look cheaper....like prada degrade pumps vs guess copy. you can easily tell splurge vs steal.

    in addition, i do think the high end designer shoes have better quality, even if it's just in the materials. they always have breathable leather lining, their leathers are extremely soft as are their patent leathers, they have deeper richer hues of colors, and to be frank - so many of the high heeled shoes that would otherwise be extremely uncomfortable are actually very comfortable. before i discovered louboutins, i had gone my whole life resigned to the fact that i could only do 2 to 2 1/2" heels and 3" were really, really high. now that i've gone through so many louboutins, 4"-5" are now actually doable for me and no longer scare me away from a beautiful shoe because they're actually comfortable. sometimes i get cocky and actually believe that im now adjusted to the 4"-5" heel height in general, and try on steve maddens (or similar), only to find that they KILL my feet. i'd still buy cheaper shoes if i know for sure they've worked for me in the past, but nothing beats the quality and innovative/stunning design of these high end designers imo.