expensive purchase would like some opinions!

  1. i'm trying to make a decision between a bbag and a prada...i've always loved prada nylon bags..i've ordered and received both bags...the nylon gauffre in black and the large sac with giant hardware by balenciaga...some of the feedback i've gotten is "why spend so much money on nylon"..i've always loved prada nylon, but this bag has to be my last for YEAR and i want to make sure i love it...the other prada i like is this one:
    Prada - Nylon and Leather Hobo - Saks.com
    i'd love some thoughts and opinions as i have to make up my mind and then return whatever i'm not keeping...is $1245.00 too much to spend on nylon? what's great about this bag if you own it? how about the nylon and leather hobo? what would your decisions be? thanks so much for the help...the most i've ever spent on a bag before was 1000.00 and this is in a whole different category...
  2. Hi Songoftheseas! I just bought two of these bags while in Milano Italy last month (the one you show the link for) for my DD and DIL. They absolutely love it!! and, they get compliments every time they wear them out :woohoo:
  3. I would not spend that kind of $$ on nylon bags. JMO.
  4. it's cute but i think it's too pricey for nylon......
  5. If you like it...you buy it...I have (2) Prada nylon bags and love them...to each his/her own.....go for it!!
  6. the nylon is bulletproof and is stunning...IMO worth every penny!
  7. The nylon gauffre is nice, but in this case I'd go with the Balenciaga ( Jill please don't kill me :lecture:)