Expensive nail polish

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  1. I know nothing about buying nail polish because I don't wear them. I do, however, admire at it on other people.

    My little kid is encouraging me to get some nail polish. It got me thinking about what I should buy. I see beautiful nail polish shades here and see names like Chanel. I'm guessing the Chanel ones will be expensive. I want to understand why you ladies buy the expensive brands. I'm sure there is a reason for it. So please enlighten me.

  2. I like Opi (not THAT expensive in the States but very expensive here in Germany) because it holds a long time and I like how thick the brush is :smile:
  3. Another fan for OPI here. I usually get it at Ulta or Sephora, and those prices are about as high as I'll go for nail polish (up to $9 a bottle).
  4. I'm a big fan of Essie-it seems to last a very long time, and the color choices are great-it's less than $10.00. Each season, they bring out a sampler of the shades for that season-the bottles are smaller, so it's a great way to try shades!
  5. OPI is my favorite brand. Essie is definitely up there, too. Great quality and a wide range of colors.
  6. I buy whatever colors I like, regardless of the brand. I did find that the Chanel ones I have go on very easily, but I actually really love the formula on Color Club colors too, which are around $3.30 retail.
  7. I kind of just buy any kind of nail polish-whatever color catches my fancy. I recently bought my first Chanel polish ($24, ack! The most I've ever paid for nail polish). I must say that Chanel does go on very smooth and nice. I also must admit I'm a bit tickled pink to have it just because it is Chanel (shallow, I know). I would buy Chanel again if another color catches my eye.
  8. I am the same way, I buy based on colors that i like. Also ditto on the wonderful formulas of Chanel and Color Club.

    OPI is a popular one too. I think more due to color selection than formula. There are some good ones and bad ones
  9. ^^Yup, OPI has been hit or miss for me as well.
  10. Chanel polishes retain their value very well and they also have very limited colors but it's no doubt that it's expensive just because of it's name. Another kinda expensive brand is RBL. Everyone I know who has purchased RBL polishes do not regret it at all since the formula is great.

    I don't believe that all expensive nail polishes means that it's going to be a good polish though. MAC is an example, not super expensive but not cheap either. They have really nice colors in their bottles but the formulas that I have tried are all disappointing. I hear that they're improving now but I'm still avoiding MAC.

    I love OPI, they have such a wide variety of colors and their formula is almost always spot on. I love their pro-wide brush even though I know a lot of others who hate it. It makes putting polishes on so much easier for me. I especially love their designer series, it costs a few dollars more per bottle but the formula is always perfect and it always has the most perfect shimmer/holo effect.

    If you don't really feel like spending much I'd recommend Pure Ice (sold at Walmart), Color Club, and Diamond cosmetics.
  11. I love essie, I stopped using OPI because the formula would thicken up after a while...But I've realized my cheap nail polishes don't chip as fast!
  12. I buy mostly OPI and it lasts for me with a good topcoat. I like color club and sally hansen. And sinful colors is only $1.99 and I love it!
  13. I only have Essie actually. I find their shades are great, they are formaldyhyde free and they aren't too expensive.
  14. I don't buy super-expensive brands. OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Zoya are all about 8-9 dollars in the US I think and those are what I normally buy.

    I have tried a couple of cheapo drugstore polishes priced around 2 to 4 dollars. They are hit and miss. Some just have a terrible formula: they dry very slowly, never dry completely, develop bubbles even with most careful application etc etc. But of course there are cheapo brands that are usually good, too!

    Personally I have mostly given up on drugstore brands. It's not worth my time and often I don't like the color selection anyway. The just-under-ten-bucks category is working great for me! Haven't seen many polishes from the brands I mentioned that have terrible application.

    Have fun :smile:))

    Why don't you take a look at this thread for inspiration: http://forum.purseblog.com/the-beauty-bar/what-nail-polish-you-wearing-today-part-3-a-596642.html
  15. I consider the drugstore brands that are only a dollar or two "cheap" and those usually chip on me fast. I like to spend anywhere from $6-$10 on a bottle because of the brands that I prefer, but anything past $16 I consider too expensive (for me) so I own no Chanel polishes.

    Quality-wise, I'm not sure that Chanel polishes are twice as great as OPI, even though they are twice the price. I think past a certain point, ($12) you're just paying for the brand name. Essie, OPI, Orly, and China Glaze are always fantastic and ideal as you're getting top quality but it's not costing you $20 a bottle either.