Expensive kitty....

  1. He sort of looks like a cheetah. He's cute, but I'd prefer one from a shelter myself.
  2. That cat is gorgeous. I love exotic animals. I had an exotic cat before and he was awesome. If I had the money, I would get one.
  3. ^Hehe! Yeah, he's gorgeous..my SO says if we had him he'd eat my other cat...lol.
  4. ^^^No it wouldn't. Like I said, I have had an exotic cat before along with domestic cats at the same time. My exotic cat was about 40 - 45 lbs. The result was the female domestic got pregnant and had kittens. I still have one of the babies. She has a lot of the dads mannerisms and she is bigger than the average housecat. She is 21 lbs. She's bigger than my dogs. LOL
  5. ^Awwwwe..I wanna see pics!
  6. It looks like a wild cat to me. It's really tall like a lynxx.
  7. It is quite pretty, but that is a lot of money!
  8. reminds me of a bigger bengal!
  9. Wow... very pretty and regal looking.
  10. Wow...that's alot of money. What a beautiful cat though!
  11. That cat is absolutely stunning! She is BEAUTIFUL!
    Although, I would personally never purchase an animal for that amount of money, unless it was a horse!

    I want to see pictures too! I bet shes beautiful:love:
  12. Stunning!! these are being sold to anyone with $22.000?
  13. ^Hmmm, not sure..
  14. She is beautiful! I guess if I had $22,000 I might buy one.