expensive jeans stretching out

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  1. Just like most of the girls out there today, I love buying nice jeans, but I hate how they stretch out! I buy them as small as possible, to the point where I can barely move in them, but they stretch out so quickly! I know that the easiest way to shrink them back is to wash them, but washing them and drying them too much fades the color. Do you guys have any tips on preventing your expensive jeans from stretching out? Especially since skinny jeans are so in now, they look so bad stretched out!
  2. well to avoid color fading i would wash them inside out. i love the way they stretch. i hate when they just come out of the dryer and it takes a day or two for them to get back to normal... i wish i could help!
  3. Some brands stretch out more than others. What brand do you have a problem with?
  4. I wish I had some advice for you... I just wanted to chime in and say that while I love the silouette of skinny jeans I don't know how to avoid the dreaded skinny jeans knees. I like to live in my jeans but if I do in these, they get to the point where I look like I'm wearing kneepads underneath!
  5. I totally agree with you. The particular brand I'm having trouble with is Habitual. They stretch out so much but I love them because they fit my body so well! My Diesels and True Religions never stretch out, even though I wear them a million times before washing them. I heard J Brands stretch out a lot?
  6. To get the jeans to mould into your legs, try not washing them for as long as possible. Sure, it may sound gross not to wash your jeans for ages, but it works, and makes the jeans look much better.
  7. If you put it in the dryer it breaks down the lycra and will lose its stretch. After you wash jeans you should hang them up to dry.
  8. Of all my jeans, my Hudsons and Paiges have stretched the least.
  9. seven for all mankind are the worst they stretch SO much - Sass & Bide :love: are great they stay the same shape & size and their misfits are tdf!!!
  10. yes, as others have said, in the long run is actually better not to dry them, and just to wash on cold and hang to dry. Hopefully they don't stretch out to much! Its always so annoying to pay good money for some gorgeous jeans, only the have them not fit.
  11. i don't know what brand you are talking about but i have a pair of 7fam's and they stretch like crazy, i think you should try a pair of theirs, i believe they sell skinny jeans now.
  12. I agree that the 7s stretch out more than others. My Paige skinny jeans, on the other hand, fit like a glove and stay that way no matter how many times I wear them before washing.
  13. Never dry jeans in the dryer. I always try to buy jeans with a little stretch in them so i dont have that problem.
  14. I usually do what the others above mentioned: wash inside out in cold water and hang to dry. Or if you're particular, have your denim Dry Cleaned.
  15. yep j brand does stretch a lot. i washed it so many times to shrink it a bit. but anyway, just buy one size smaller. that shud do the trick. and keep the body in the same weight i suppose :biggrin: