Expensive items you don't care about

  1. Of course you're all into good bags but I was just wondering how many people here don't care about other exclusive fashion items. I'm into designer bags, shoes, makeup, clothes, accessories. But one thing I don't care about that most people seem to is jewlery. I honestly just don't like wearing much jewlery, I despise rings, most bracelets, and only wear a necklace when my top really needs something to accent it. The jewlery I do buy is very cheap, only a few $ and usually bought a cheap stores or koisks, including CLAIRES. It's kind of ironic to have an expensive outfit then have crappy jewlery :roflmfao: I don't know jewlery just does nothing for me, I see my moms thousands of dollars worth of really nice real jewlery I still just don't get the urge to want any of it. Anyone else have some typical fashion item(s) they just don't care to spend money on?:shrugs:
  2. Oh, that would be gaming stuff (playstation etc:shrugs: )!!!! Although I am forced to :cursing: as I have a teen.
  3. Funny you should mention that, just had a discussion with a friend. She is very into jewelry, must have beautiful, unique designs and always wears high quality jewelry. Her bags are fine, but nothing I would drool over. I, on the other hand, am all about the bags!:lol:
  4. Jeans, I don't get why I should pay hundreds for them :shrugs:
  5. For me, that would be "tech" stuff. While we have nice flat screen TVs, DVD players etc., we don't have Ipods, the latest phones (I have a basic camera phone)or even a gaming station (Wii, PlayStation or XBox)for our kids. It's just not that important in our lives. My in-laws did give the kids an extremely nice computer for Christmas...better than the one I'm using. That's OK...they use it for years and can load their computer games on it...not mine. Sometimes, I think we're so far behind the times...but it works for our family. I'm sure things will change as the kids get older. We got them each portable DVD players for Christmas...between those and the new computer...they're in Heaven;)
  6. totally agree about the jeans!
    Also not really into expensive cars. I drive a beat up toyota and it suits me fine! Just want my car to be reliable is all.
  7. Not into entertainment items like flat screens, Tivo, etc... Luckily, I don't have a gadget-guy for a husband. He is the most non-gadget guy ever.

    I'm also not really into very fancy fine dining. I've been to very nice restaurants, but probably a few times a year.
  8. No expensive jeans, cars, clothes...jeans and a white t-shirt suit me fine, as long as I have a great bag! Not a lot of techy stuff, although I do have an iPod and the Sounddock. I don't wear a lot of jewelry...just my engagement and wedding rings, a watch, and sometimes a necklace.
  9. hmmm...for me it would be anything "techie," large tvs, gaming stuff, etc... I also dont spend alot on makeup, mostly cause I hate wearing it:shrugs:
  10. jewelry totally. and tech stuff. i got a new computer but it was free and i bought a new tv but it was relatively cheap. i don't see why someone would spend like 2k on it. a cheaper one looks and works just fine.

    my mom is totally into jewlery and doesn't get my handbag thing. i try and try to explain that i feel about bags the way she feels about jewelry but she doesn't get it.
  11. Agree with saligator about the fine dining -total waste of time and money to me. I hate sitting in a restaurant all evening eating a bunch of unfamiliar, gooped-up food. I don't even like most casual restaurants, too much oil and butter and grease in everything.

    I'll take the jewelry and jeans, though. :yes:
  12. Clothes and most jewlery (I have my wedding rings, and a few other nice pieces that I love and wear almost all the time..but haven't bought anything new in years).

    Reflecting on jewlery I think some people that know me would laugh at this statement...I do have alot...but as I said, I haven't bought anything 'major' in years. I will pick up a tiffany piece now and then...but I love silver, so it is pretty cheap...
    I think I just have 'maxed' out, and grown out of wanting more expensive stuff.
  13. Jeans here as well.
  14. I think jewelry is something you grow into. I never cared about it when I was in my 20's. Now I am obsessed!
    This is a great question! No kids so no gaming stuff. DH is kind of techie so we have sound room, plasma TV's.
    For me it would be makeup, what little I have is vey high end, but I have only what I wear. Fits in small cosmetic case.
  15. For me, it has to be shoes. I wish I could get into shoes more, but it seems that everything is against me. I live in a subtropical climate (south Louisiana) that is prone to flooding. I ruin shoes every season after being caught in one of the daily 10 minute rain storms. I'm also extremely tall (over 6'), and my feet, which are proportionate to my body, are too big for most designers (size 11 or 12). Lastly, most designer dress shoes have very high heels, and the last thing a woman over 6' tall needs is to be 4" taller.

    I tend to stick to Nine West and other mid-priced stores for shoes.