Expensive item delivered-buyer requesting chargeback

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  1. Hi guys, I am very upset at present as I sold an expensive item on ebay on the 11th of May for $3500, I sent the item from Australia to the US via International registered post and it was delivered on the 22nd of May at 1.49PM.

    I sent her a message via ebay to say, glad you received your item as I was getting worried as I have not heard from you but I see that it has been delivered. She said I have not received it I want proof of delivery. But as I told her when I sent the item it was not entirely traceable (that is what Australia Post told me) but when it gets to the US it goes via USPS.

    I sent a message to her on the 31st saying I had spoken to the post office and they confirmed that USPS has delivered the item to a certain address and could she please check with everyone that resides at this house for confirmation. I have not heard a word back from her since.

    So just before I get an email from paypal saying that she is getting this charge reversed through her credit card. It has been 1 month since the purchase.

    I really feel that I have been conned and to make matters worse this person was an ex-member here with her account de-activated.

    Does this mean that I have lost my item and $3500.

    Please, can anyone suggest what I should do next as I am so upset?
  2. Wow...was it through ebay?
  3. Did she already file a chargeback? If she did, did her credit card company contact you tot investigate? If you have proof of delivery that should end their investigation unless she's filing for snad. I would call her credit card company to find out the nature of her chargeback.
  4. Hi, yes the sale was through ebay. She filed the chargeback today one month after the sale through her credit card company and they contacted PayPal.

    I phoned PayPal and I provided the tracking number which showed delivery and PayPal said that they would give this info to the credit card company and not to worry as it showed delivery, but I am still concerned.

    Also, I am selling other things on ebay and when I get paid I cannot transfer the money over as it shows that I am in debit for $3500.
  5. This is horrible. I do think you have been scammed. Never ever send anything expencive without signature confirmation and fully trackable. Never.

    Let us know her ebay id and let us see what we can do to help you.

  6. If Paypal is saying to you that the item is showing as delivered,
    they should release your funds.

    I'd try calling PP again.....
  7. No they told me that if it shows being delivered then I will be fine, I had to add the tracking number to the resolution so they can investigate, they said it would take about 10 days.
  8. I know now, she is also a ex member here who was obviously kicked off. We used to frequent the same forums.
  9. OMG Suzie. What a nightmare

    If it was insured for over $250 USPS requires signature confirmation.

    Your seller protection should cover you thru Paypal

    I am so sorry this happened to you
  10. I hope it turns out alright! Sigh.

    It first went with Australia Post and then they transfer to USPS so hopefully someone on the US side can get to the bottom of it.

    The last message I sent her was at the end of May, wouldn't you think if you paid out $3500 and your item hadn't arrived you would be freaking out, but no, not even an email or contact through ebay just a charge back from her credit card today, 1 month to the day of the sale.

  11. If this is what PP said to you, then be patient to wait the 10 days..

    Keep us posted & good luck...
  12. While not all INR claims are cons, this one sounds like it might be. I always find it suspicious when a buyer doesn't communicate with the seller in an attempt to try and track down the "missing" package and rushes to file a claim. It is also odd that she went straight to a credit card chargeback rather than filing the claim with Paypal. Maybe she has a history with Paypal - just speculating.

    Was there a signature on the delivery? Paypal requires signature for purchases over $250 for seller protection. I don't know about the credit card policies.

    Good luck sorting through this.
  13. Thank you, I will keep you posted. It will be a long 10 days!
  14. Thank you for your reply. I really feel in my heart she is scamming as she made me an offer early on and said I will be away, can I buy it now as i wont be able to bid and I said sorry it is going to auction.

    When she hadn't contacted me after 2 weeks I was worried so I called the post office and they said oh it was delivered on such and such a date so I contacted her and said thank goodness I was getting worried that you had not received the item but I see you have it. She retorted back nastily saying I don't have it, I don't know what you re talking about and there was other such communication on those lines, so she said it must be at the post office but I said it has been delivered to your home address which she denied.

    I asked her to look into it and ask anyone else who resides at this certain address if they had signed for it, that was at the end of May and I have not heard another peep from her.

    I told her shipping was a bit more difficult from Australia to the US and I wouldn't be able to track it (that is what someone told me at the Post Office) I thought I was doing the right thing sending it registered international post.
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    OP, I too have the feeling this buyer is up to no good.
    Registered mail need to be signed for, but it won't show on the tracking (won't viewable on line)
    You can ask your post office to communicate with your buyer post office, to collect the pink slip with your buyer signature. After your post office received it, you can scan that and post it on the Paypal dispute page. For this amount of money, both post office will take it seriously.
    Paypal required signature viewable on line, while I don't think this is a requirement of a credit card co. And since she did chargeback instead of Paypal claim, you may have the chance and may won the chargeback!