Expensive flat irons vs. Cheap

  1. OK, I'm confused. What is the difference? Don't all flat irons kill your hair?
    If you use an expensive iron do you not have any damage? :shrugs:
    I would appreciate any feedback. I am a "Target" flat iron user and get some damage. But if I could spend a little more $$ and have zero to little damage, it would be worth it!
    TIA! :tup:
  2. the heat is more even with the more expensive flat irons so you don't get "hot spots" that burn. you also only have to go over each section once instead of a few times, so there's less heat that way. and the plates are finished, beveled, and coated more smoothly so you get exponitionally fewer fly aways and almost no breakage. lastly (and arguably most important) the straightness lasts much much longer. i have julia roberts like curls and when i flat iron with a chi it lasts until my next shampoo (up to three days). i never got any of that that with my revlon iron.

    it's honestly like night and day. you can use all the high end lotions and potions you like, but if you're using crappy tools your hair will look like straw no matter what. i don't have any old pictures of my revlon flattened hair, but each of these pictures is my hair with about four layers of hair color (including platinum blonde bleach underneath it all) and my chi. buying an expensive flat iron was the best beauty money i've ever spent.
    curly.jpg straight.jpg
  3. I think the difference between a $10 flat iron from Walmart and an expensive GHD or Chi one is that the more expensive ones heat up faster and provide better results. There are some relatively inexpensive ones that are good too, in my opinion. I bought a $40 Conair one from Target and it's much better than the first one I got, which was only $10 from Walmart.:p I guess it depends on how often you flat iron your hair - if you know you'll use it everyday, then I guess investing in a good quality one is not a bad idea.
  4. My Sedu iron not only straightens my hair but makes it shiny as well. The old adage is true: you get what you pay for. Before my Sedu I had a Helen of Troy straigtener that fried my hair. I used protective serums and everything. On the higher end straighteners you can adjust the heat setting. That is essential to making sure you are straightening your hair as efficiently as possible but not burning it either.

    Trust me, it's worth the investment to buy a high quality straightener! Folica.com has amazing deals (like half off) on Chis and Sedus.
  5. i've gotten to be quite chatty with my stylist, and she said that when people ask her to recommend a shampoo, conditioner, or flat iron that they sell at walmart or target that will be good for their hair, she just can't do it, which she feels bad about. There's a reason that stuff like that is cheap - it's cheaply made of cheap materials and chemicals. Walmart flat irons don't get all that hot, meaning you have to run them over your hair a million times, which creates breakage, or they get REALLY hot on a spot here and there, which means you're burning certain parts of your hair and not getting other spots straight, which also kills your hair. I've had probably half a dozen, if not more, flat irons in my life, and they've ranged in price from $20 to $240 - and surprise surprise, the $240 one is BY FAR the best.

    i look at it this way - most of us here spend a good bit of money on shoes, clothes, and bags. Even our FAVORITE designer bag isn't one we wear 24/7, and a bag is fully replaceable in almost every instance. And they almost ALL cost more than $240. Our hair, however, we wear every single day, and once you damage it, you can't just go out and buy a new head of hair. So I chose to invest the $240 in something I wear every day instead of another pair of black pumps.

    My hair is very, very curly, i live in a humid climate, and i flat iron basically every day. Even my $100 CHI was burning my hair off. So I took the plunge, got the $240 GHD, and I have had NO additional damage and my hair looks shiny, healthy, and as straight as it can be. It resists humidity really well and straightens in a fraction of the time of ANY of the other straighteners I've ever had. One of the best investments I've made.
  6. I use a flat iron from Target. It's Remington brand and I didn't pay much for it. It has 30 heat settings and it gets extremely hot. So hot, in fact, that if I touch my hair when I've just gone over it my hands get burnt :wtf:

    I don't flat iron my hair everyday, only a couple times a week, but I have NO damage. My stylist was shocked when I told her I heat style my hair. She said I didn't have any split ends at all. My cheap iron does a fantastic job, so I would never pay $200 for something "better" :shrugs:...
  7. Thanks to everyone for responding!

    Ilzabet: thanks for the pics!

    clairezk: I have a Conair with many heat settings too. I've been using it everyday since I got a "bob" and it's getting fried!! yikes!

    amanda: I also read your thread about ghd irons. oh course now i totally want one! I was really surprised about the HUMIDITY thing!!! humidity is my enemy!! and you say you can be out in it and NO FRIZZ??! AMAZING! does it wave or curl?? or does it stay pin straight? i live in MA so usually humidity is not a huge problem. Lately tho it's pretty unusually humid...gah! my hair is wavy and tends to frizz, so the ghd...! NEED! :p
  8. I have a CHI flat iron and i love it...it works awesome and the price wasnt terrible!
  9. if i'm hot to the point where i'm wet and sweating, i get a little wave here and there, but if it's just humid, i don't have any problem with my hair getting wavy or frizzy. the thing is a miracle!
  10. I don't skimp on my hair since I have horrible hair (thick, dry wavy hair, yuck). A more expensive iron heats up faster and straightens faster. The ceramic, ionic ones are also less damaging to the hair.
  11. Wow, that is a miracle! I'd better start saving!
  12. I hope there is ! coz I just bought a T3 iron..so it should be here tmorrow, I will post results, hopefully positive ones!
  13. well, i should correct my last post: if the air is so thick and saturated with water than you can feel yourself walking through it and it feels heavy against your body in ways that people that don't live in the deep, deep south can't ever comprehend or imagine, then it might wave a tad. that's the sort of humidity that nothing can combat. that makes my hair frizz when it's NOT flat ironed and completely curly. that's just a sort of humidity that 90% of the population can't even conceptualize. no work of modern technology can do anything about that. but the GHD is more successful than anything else.
  14. i totally agree with amanda that the GHD is the best investment ever! it may be a lot to shell out at one time but i have used mine every single day since i got it a few months ago and my hair looks and feels FANTASTIC. i love my hair again.
  15. ^^ hi are you gals saying u've tried the T3 and you prefer the GHD? ohh ohh I think I may have to exchange it??? I ordered my T3 from sephora..