Expensive clothing obsessions...

  1. After having bought ANOTHER leather jacket - i've realised that i'm starting to become obsessed by them! (current tally - 3 Mike and Chris, 1 madison marcus and 1 SWORD... and just bought another sword... http://www.tobi.com/product/9239-s-w-o-r-d-slim-motorcycle-jacket-jackets-outerwear )

    So - just wondering what other expensive clothing obsessions other tpf-ers have?

    my other obsession was designer jeans ... and that's peaked now. but everynow and then i still add to my 30 pair collection (*cringe*)
  2. mine are designer jeans as well
  3. Mine is cashmere, specifically Lucien Pellat-Finet. Fortunately for me it's also incredibly hard to get.

    I tend to be rather fickle though and totally fall in love with things and then part with them. The benefit of spending on quality clothing is that you always get good money back for them on eBay
  4. I love bib-front blouses and have been tempted by many costly ones (if I had the money I'd have a wardrobe full of them!) however I have refrained from buying a costly one since I found a fab one for only £10 the other day :biggrin: soo, I'm going to splash my cash on a bag now instead :heart:
  5. dresses! i can't get enough!
  6. jeans and shirts.. I have recently purchased prada and fendi shirts and I have yet to use them loll.. I love burberry polos so I wear those more than anything =)
  7. used to be jeans, now it's dresses and shoes!
  8. Cocktail dresses from Max Azria Collection and cardigans from Chanel - they're pricy but no regrets yet! Below is my favorite - it's from 2002 and let me tell you how fast I went for my phone when I first saw it, lol!
  9. I'm with sep.. DRESSES. I bought 3 in the last few wks... and gonna need to hide it from my parents for a while b/c I'm hoping to purchase a nice bag soon~~ :roflmfao:
  10. i :heart: designer jeans, shoes , and handbags
    everything else not so much
  11. For me it's scarves (I know, weird!). I just can's say no to a scarf.
    5 American Apparel jersey scarves,
    huge light grey linen scarf from Club Monaco,
    Ya Ya Aflalo infinite scarf,
    Sir Alistair Rai Karma scarf,
    Gauze white and blue Hollister scarf,
    Gap jersey scarf,
    Aritzia TNA grey and pink stripe scarf,
    Aritzia TNA plaid scarf
    Gap green striped scarf,
    2 American Eagle wool scarves,
    Vera silk scarf.........
    OMG until I wrote it all out I didn't realize how out of control i was! ok, NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Eliza - I've been thinking about getting a Rai Karma scarf, but keep hesitating - is the fabric light enough to be worn in spring and summer also?
  13. Dresses - I have a weakness for DVF
  14. i had a big obsession with jeans...spent so much money on them, but now i have moved on to bags and shoes.
  15. You know what...I have no desire to own designer clothing. I don't have a single piece in my wardrobe! I know, sad, huh?

    I choose to buy designer/expensive handbags. And that's it. And I only own 5!

    Ah, here's to a growing collection and cheap clothes/shoes/whatever!!!