Expensive Clothing and College Parties

  1. For all you college kids here, what do you wear to parties? I'm talking like..keg racers, frat parties, the typical college drinking associated parties. I'm a sophomore..I love to go out with my friends and I know a lot of the brothers in certain frats so I like to go there and I always enjoy myself.

    Getting dressed is the hardest part becuase I can't wear anything nice!!! Chances are, someone will "party foul" and spill, or something like that. I don't know about you guys but our college parties are generally kinda grungy (spilled beer on the floor, paint peeling, dirty furniture) because hey..frat boys aren't exactly clean. Even off campus house parties like that.

    last night, I wore a pink Lacoste halter dress, and I got spilled on multiple times. By about midnight, I had 3-4 wet splotches all over my dress. People are just sloppy! Hell I paid a lot of money for that dress. For tonight I have these super cute Kate Spade flats to wear but I'm not going to because I'm afraid of getting them ruined. I've started to buy a lot of clothing at Forever 21 becuase they are cheap and replaceable.

    So what do you guys wear when you go out? Do you get super dressed up? I've looked at my friends facebooks at other schools and they get dressed to the nines for a frat party - satin dresses, stilettos, big jewelry. Here..we wear jeans and nice top, usually.
  2. A great place to try is Zara's, they have very trendy clothing at low prices so you won't feel as bad getting spills on it and plus it looks good.
  3. Uhg, I know what you mean about getting nice clothes dirty at college parties. The only time I wore a nicer outfit was out to a bar for my 22nd birthday, I wore my Diane Von Fursternberg dress and everyone looked at me like I was crazy..partly because I went to UCSB and everyone is super casual there. Anyways-- I would recommend nice jeans, like Paige's or whatever, some heels-- nothing fancy like Louboutin, and a cute top...It's very 'collegey' with the whole jeans aspect, but it works and is comfy. :smile:
  4. I hear you. I wore a BCBG silk top out to a bar a few weeks ago and it is now ruined. $150 down the drain. I will stick to Forever 21 when I go out from now on! I also like Express. It's affordable. I like roxy's advice about nice jeans and a cute top but nothing expensive!
  5. Regularly, I used to wear cheap basics to those parties... but our frats would often have invite only-dress-nicer-drink-better-alcohol parties and people would dress nicer for those, because there was less crazy behavior- everyone knew each other so the binging went slower and since there were fewer people there were less spills- so thats when I would break out my (slightly)nicer clothes!
  6. i graduated in may but when i used to go to college parties not too long ago i wore really casual stuff. i agree - the only expensive items you should be wearing are the jeans - they always had drink spills on it but were easily cleaned. i never wear super nice shoes to ocllege parties because they ALWAYS got ruined. back when i liked pointed toe shoes, i wore them to parties and they were always damaged at the tips so i stopped wearing them. now i just wear these really beat up nine west shoes and theyre comfortable, still gorgeous (From far away... haha) and i love it
    dont wear too much jewelry either because if you do a keg stand, you'll probably lose it lol dont bring nice purses out either. someone will either steal it or you will most definitely get it ruined
  7. I usually wear my normal True Religions and just some kind of cotton shirt.. i like stuff from Urban Outfitters or Michael Stars/Vince/etc.. i wear my Doc's to parties a lot because i don't have to worry about them, they're super comfy, and if i'm drinking i wont fall over, hahaha.. I know that's probably not something you'd wear but figured i'd respond anyway :smile: If i go out to an actual club or bar that's not a house party i always wear heels and usually a dressier shirt.. stupid maybe but i wear a lot of silk tops, haha.. Havn't messed up one so far though!
  8. I LOVE clothing. And I also LOVE partying. So I compromise- I wear cute clothing from Forever 21 to parties and keep my good stuff for other, more special occasions. I also do a lot of Urban Outfitters. I love dressing stuff up with accessories, so I try to get cute earrings or a necklace to spice things up. Definitely check out Forever21, Wet Seal, Urban.. etc. Disposable clothing really do have a spot in your closet when you're in college.
  9. ^ I agree! Forever21 is a good one, also Target and Delias.

    Its been a loooong time since I went to a frat party, but I would usually wear jeans, heels, cute cheapo top and a cheapo bag.

    I don't recommend wearing nice stuff to parties. I had some guy put his cigarette out on my suede bag once after I wouldn't give him my number. Another time a friend threw up on my $175 sweater (the first and only time I ever wore it). Then there was the time I was at a bar and a waitress dropped her entire tray of dishes as she walked by, splashing hot sauce and honey mustard all over me, head to freaking toe. My entire outfit was ruined and I was humiliated.
    I have a zillion of these stories, I could go on all night:rolleyes:...
  10. I wouldn't wear anything expensive that you can't wash beer out of.

    I had a friend whose dad bought her some expensive shoes when she was either in college or high school. She went out and got drunk and lost one of them.
  11. Definitely stuff from Forever 21. Drunk people are clumsy and there's no way I'm going to risk ruining expensive clothing at a college party. I save the nice stuff for shows, movies, dinners and work.
  12. I just wear whatever I want to, depending of the party and my mood, I can usually (or my genious mother) get the stains out, I've gotten off everything from red wine to blood (no fights, but let's just say things happen in the strangest ways sometimes.) even off white prada shirts... I wear LV always with me at any party, it's easier avoiding them getting messy thoughas you can keep them out of the way.

    As long as you don't wear silk or similar hard to get clean things you should be fine.
  13. I mix and match...for me, shoes are what seem to get spilled on as opposed to my actual clothing. :sad: grr...
  14. its true, nice clothing is easily ruined
  15. Uhhhh.........WTH is a KEG STAND?????

    Wow, lol, you guys sure do have some wild parties over there! :flowers: