Expensive bras

  1. I am large busted and have tried so many different bras for years and have to say that Prima Donna bras are my all time favorite. I have bought them before and loved them then switched to others (mainly because my friend in lingerie would send me bras as gifts since she could buy them so cheap). I tried Le Mystere, Chantelle, Wacoal, Fantasie, Panache and who knows what else. I just put on a new style Prima Donna one on today and I don't even feel like I am wearing a bra. I have had great luck in buying them on sale at www.brasmyth.com in the past.

    What bras do you feel are the best and most comfortable?
  2. Wolford! Love them!
  3. Prima Donna all the way!
    My favourite everyday bra is the Deauville.
    I used to wear lejaby and Chantelle but since finding Prima Donna, I haven't gone back to either of them. That is not to say that I wouldn't buy those brands again if I could find something suitable, but for some reason, the Prima Donna just fits my body perfectly.
    I wear a larger size as well - whatever that's supposed to be!
    I remember buying the Dream Tisha bra by LeMystere when it first came out. I was shopping in Oregon and the woman at Nordstrom's recommended it - it was the most god-awful bra I have ever owned! *shudder*

    I think for the money, Chantelle and lejaby have beautiful bras. Not sure what you pay for your Prima Donnas but my three Deauvilles (Black, White, Nude) were in the neighbourhood of $170/each. I find they are one of the more expensive brands. Good bras are worth it though, regardless of whether or not you wear a 32A or a 38J.

    Has anyone worn Empreinte? They look lovely but I have no experience with them.
  4. My current favourite bra is the Le Mystere Linguine. I also really like the Debenham's line of bras. Freya, Panache, etc, tend to fit too big in the band for me.
  5. I love Calvin Klein :biggrin:

    I'm not so much into frills and laces... although I do have a few La Perla bras like so... Very uncomfortable and shows through as bumps and lumps when I wear certain clothing on top.
    For me, the simpler the better and I love that new microfiber seamless material from CK these days.
  6. Tough one :smile: Having experienced endless breast feeding I am now struggling to find a good bra. I like Chantelle but they do not seem to be very good fit right now so I stick to CK.
  7. Prima Donna bras all the way, worth every penny
  8. Perhaps not an 'expensive' brand, but I like Elle MacPherson bras. I used to wear CK bras but can't find 30's here in the US. The smaller fit of Elle MacPherson suit me great.
  9. Love, love Elle MacPherson and I am 36D. They make my chest look smaller and cleavage is very sexy! Cups build very close to each other (if it makes sense) and I do not look very wide, specially I have a wide shoulders and do not need wide chest.
  10. I myself love agent provocateur I do fine they run a tad small, normally in VS I'm a 36C but every bra I own in AP is a 36D. Love their stuff, but I'm into the frills and girly stuff!
  11. Thanks for starting this thread, Gilliana! For some reason in the heat of summer I'm always looking for a better-fitting bra.

    Couldn't find any Prima Donna's in my size on the brasmyth web site, but I'll keep looking. I stick with Wacoal and Liz Claiborne as they're the only ones I've ever found comfortable and one of the few that manufacture my unusual size.
  12. I love Triumph bras. My sister's fave brand is Freya.
  13. Natori (I usually find them at Nordstrom's) are super comfortable for cup D and up. A lot of good color choices and material feels great on the skin (no itching whatsoever).
  14. http://www.brastop.com is one of my favorites, they have a very wide range of sizes! I have a difficult to fit size (28E-F) and I can never find my size in stores. The prices on these are also good. Many of the bras are "last season" so they are significantly cheaper than the news ones would be in any local boutiques.

    I tend to like Freya, Curvy Kate, and Panache the most. I would love Le Mystere but they don't come in my size. Another favorite of mine is Ewa Michalak (fantastic build quality in them!) but they are located in Poland and many times I must custom request an order.
  15. Calvin Klein, DKNY & Wacoal. You can get really good deals if you're not looking for the usual nude, black or white at The Bay here - and I'm always getting VIP/HBC coupons in the mail.