Expensive bags

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  1. If your most expensive bag was an "every day" bag, would you use it every day or just occasionally? Would you be afraid to use it every day?
  2. I would use it everyday. I would feel better about spending a larger amount of money on a bag that I would use more often. It would validate my purchase, so to speak.
  3. I use my Chanel every day ;)
  4. I'd use it every day. It doesn't make sense to me to save or preserve a bag. It is meant to be worn and enjoyed IMO.
  5. To purchase an expensive bag and not use it frequently is a waste of money.
  6. i wouldn't have any reservations about using it everyday. however, i try and alternate my bags/when i get a new one tend to carry it for a while. so while my most expensive bags are everday bags, i do not necessarily carry them everyday.
  7. I use my Speedy everyday.
  8. ITA with Kat here. =)
  9. What would be the point in buying an everyday bag, if you only used it occasionally? :blink:
  10. If it's going to rain, then no. Otherwise, I use it everyday.
  11. I change bags several times a week so I don't use anything every day. I do, however, carry all of my bags - otherwise, what's the point?
  12. I use my Balenciaga all the time! I switch it out w/ my other bags depending on my outfit, but I want to get my moneys worth out of it! So as long as the weather is permitting, bring out the nice bags!
  13. Unless it was a Judith Leiber or some special evening bag or something encrusted with crown jewels, I'd use it everyday or at least on a regular basis. Otherwise, it's a waste of money just gathering dust!
  14. I use my Chanel tote everyday. If I pay a lot of money for a bag, I'd rather spend it on an everyday tote than on a special occasions bag.
  15. I would use it as an everyday bag. I used my Manhattan GM as an everyday bag for a while. Thats my most expensive.