Expensive bags=Expensive wardrobe????

My wardrobe is not expensive...but I'd like to buy very expensive bags..making a mix!!!

Do you think it's ridiculous???
Do you think that an expensive bag must have an expensive dress??? :confused1:
No. Personally I'm with the thought, for myself, that I want one expensive thing I'm into. I don't go with designer shoes or clothes, just bags. Dress well and you'll look like you go with your great bag no matter what. We don't all have to be rich either, maybe we feel putting some money into bags is worth it even though we're on a budget. Again, just dress "well." Whether that's Express, Banana, or even Forever 21 styles (or H&M).
I am a huge "mixer." My clothes are usually nowhere near the amount of money that I spend on bags. Generally, I spend much more on bags and shoes. Nothing wrong with it, it only makes sense to mix and match!
NOT ridiculous!

I've said this before... DH thinks it's funny that I can wear a 20 dollar pair of cool jeans and carry a 1.5K bag. :lol:
Nope, not ridiculous at all IMO.

I have a good job and make a decent amound of money, but I'm not rich by any means. I can't afford designer bags AND designer clothes, so I usually have to choose between the two and I'd MUCH rather have designer bags. I do have some designer clothes and shoes, but the vast majority of my stuff isn't designer - leaves me with more funds for bags :P
Not really. I love the Gap, Banana Republic, American Urban Outfitters, Zara, Mango and other european brands like that. But I do spend more money on particular pieces. I don't have a perfect body so I usually spend more on jeans with a flattering fit. I also like expensive coats. Not for being expensive but for the quality. For example I really like Max Mara coats. Good quality shoes are important to me but I wiil spend more on a timeless piece, like a pair of round-toed flat boots I bought from Tod's 3 years ago and they still look fantastic. But I wouldn't spend too much in colourful ballerina pumps cause I won't be wearing them for years.
I don't buy expensive clothing.

I buy from Banana Republic (my most expensive store... most of the times i only go for sale stuff and outlets)... Zara... H&M.. Old navy.. Gap... My bags are definitely worth more than my clothes.
I have a mix of stuff. I have expensive bags, fairly nice coats, good shoes. Just put yourself together well and feel confident with what you're wearing.
Mixing stuff is just fine.

What's really funny though is my car is an economy model Saturn. I just don't really want an expensive car. It's cheap to own and operate and I would rather save the $$ for bags and stuff I use all the time.
My budget only allows for one luxury, and for me that is handbags! That's why I choose Louis Vuitton, because they last forever, are classic, go with anything, and dress up any outfit. Sadly I have very wide feet so I can't wear any cute designer shoes, even if I could afford them. :sad: I mostly shop at Banana and Ann Taylor and look for sales and coupons. I buy simple, classic pieces that will last me for years and avoid trends because they usually look stupid on me anyway ( I DO NOT have the body for skinny jeans!!) such as black pants, cashmere sweaters.
Like everyone else has said, it's not ridiculous at all.

I'd prefer to put my money towards expensive shoes and bags (and jeans! :smile:) rather than clothes. Clothes are so much easier to ruin (wearing out, stains, etc.) so I can't really justify it.
i think it's fine!!! i also don't have desiner clothes, i only have a few.
it's easy to find GREAT clothes that is not designer. mostly my wardrobe consist of vintage thrift clothes, zara, mango, levi's.
but i'd like my bags in top quality, i only buy designer bags now because i really can't tolerate low quality on bags.

shoes, i mix too. i have some nice shoes from marc jacobs, chloe and michael kors, but i also mix with zara or mango mostly.

i'd rather save my money to buy nice handbags than spend on clothes :P
I'll mix an inexpensive top and pant with a nice shoe, or top it with a nice coat or scarf. I'll wear jeans and a gap t-shirt with a nice bag. I'm also the same with jewelry- I'll wear just one really nice piece; I don't like to pile on a ton of stuff or be all in designer items. I think it's too much and an overkill.

it's interesting- the wealthiest friends I know aren't flashy at all: Not a lot of make-up-they don't try too hard, it seems that I see that the most with "old money".