Expedited shipping from Canada to U.S.: How long?

  1. I had a package from Canada sent to me on November 4. Does anyone know how long it takes for expedited mail to reach to the U.S.? It's not dire that I have this package, but I kinda want it...:yes:
  2. I went and did a search for you....6-12 business days is the standard according to Canada Post. From personal experience (this is the way I ship all my packages) it usually comes in minimum time (1 week and a half...so 6-8 business days).
  3. I got something just last week that was sent expedited from Montreal to me in North Carolina. It was one week on the nose. Not bad!
  4. prada psycho: unfortunately for me the items I bought are now missing! I just posted on how the delivery man sent to the wrong house! Ugh, so annoyed....
  5. ^ so sorry to hear! :sad: