Expedited passport renewal: what is the average price, and a reputable place?

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  1. Christine, ITA. I also work for a Fortune 500 company who works exclusively with CIBT in the United States. CIBT handles all US passport and work visa processing for our US-based employees who travel internationally.

    I travel outside of the US at least 2-4 weeks every quarter for work, and have been doing so for the last 3 years. CIBT provides a variety of services, both working directly with the US Department of State (e.g. passport renewal, additional passport page insertion) and with the Embassies and Consulates of foreign countries in the US for visa processing.

    I'm absolutely sure there are shady operations providing similar services, and absolutely people should be wary of them and err on the safe side by working only with the US government agencies. But just based on mine and Christine's experience CIBT is one on the up and up.

    Hope this helps! :flowers:
  2. That's not true.

    There are very reputable agencies that have literally a 24 hour turn-around. I imagine a big city like Los Angeles has a few of them. The one in Chicago that I trust most is called Perry Visa. Our company's travel agency recommended them to me and they are great.

    Be aware that "expedited" through the Post Office means "if we don't f*ck up," which, they often do. My boyfriend's passport was expedited through the post office and it took about a month to get to him when they said it would take 2 weeks. Something happened with his previous passport, and he reported it as lost/stolen, but apparently that didn't register with them. Two weeks later, they send a letter saying, "You already have a passport." For goodness sake. When given the option of going through a private agency versus using anything associated with the government, I will always choose a private agency, even for passports.

    The cost of his expedited service through USPS came out to about $200.

    The cost of going through Perry Visa was only about $40 more and totally worth it, in my opinion.
  3. If you're in LA why not just go to the regional passport office there?
    then you'll know for sure all your documentation is correct & according to the fee schedule the passport & expedited fee should be 160.00 total.

    When my step dau applied (at the PO) she used the wrong type of birth certificate, everything was sent back & she had to resend the correct info.
  4. Is it a new passport, or a renewal?
    My passport expired a few months ago, and I went to the post office to renew it. They asked if I need it expedited which I said "no". I had it done regular and it was $75 and I received it back in 10 days!
    Pretty good for non-expedited!
  5. I know at work we use a passport agency and people have gotten passports in a week or less. I don't know the name off the top of my head, but I can find out. I also know it costs a pretty penny.
  6. Thanks for the recommendations to CIBT, I will check it out. I'm renewing my existing passport, which from reading the responses here seems like it might take less time than a new application. :smile:
  7. My friend couldn't find his and was leaving for Mexico on 4/4. He was able to go to the US passport office in Chicago on 4/3 for a 9:00 am appointment (called them on 4/2 to make the appointment). He had the appointment, went back to work and went back to the office at 1:00pm that same afternoon and got the passport. He had to pay $160.

    Not a renewal but it can be done in one day and the day before travel.
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