Expedited passport renewal: what is the average price, and a reputable place?

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  1. And how soon can I get my new passport? euh, I completely forgot that I'd need to do this. I made some travel plans and now I need my passport ASAP. Has anyone had good experience with these agencies that offer expedited service?
  2. I believe the only place to do an expedited passport is through US PAssport Agency. You can file at post offices...but I think expedited service is still a couple weeks. When are you leaving?
  3. i did it at the post office, but it was with a brand new passport...

    i think it was an extra $65 or so, so it will be that, on top of the renewal fee. this was two years ago.
  4. Thanks for replying. I'm leaving in a month. I googled this and I guess I need to find a passport agency and apply there for the expedited service?
  5. Try to have this moved to the travel subforum. You may get better responses there!

  6. ^ thanks for the suggestion. How great there is a travel section now :smile:
  7. Yes, definitely find your nearest Passport agency, call & make an appointment and go in person. They'll tell you what to bring (including your airline tickets/reservation to show you are leaving the country on X date). They can process it in a few days.
  8. I applied for a US passport for my son. This was on a Sunday, during one of their "passport fairs". I paid the general passport fee plus $60 expedited fee.
    Total was around $150. I received his passport in 8 days. Believe me, was I shocked but in a good way !!
  9. One of my co-workers had it done in 24 hours, but it was really expensive. I can find out if she still remembers the agency.
  10. I just got mine renewed by a company called CIBT. It took about 4 days last December. They are very reputable and you can track the process online for every step. All you need to do is call them, ship your passport to where they tell ya, they will ship it back in the time you specify.

    The bad part - I think it was about $250. I am sure it will be much less if you have more time - and it sounds like you do. :smile:
  11. ^^^OOOO! I use CIBT for all of my work travel, but thought CIBT only provided services to businesses. Didn't know anyone can use them. Thanks, Christine!

    ITA with Christine, CIBT is AWESOME!!! They are very knowledgable and will handle everything for you. They are amazing and everytime I've had to get a visa, extra passport pages, etc. they handled it quickly and professionally, without any problems.

    The downside is that they are very expensive but to me it's worth it (oh yeah, and my company picks up the bill anyway :lol:)

    But if you have a month and don't want to pay a lot, I'd still recommend going to your nearest passport agency.

  12. Yeah.. I sorta timed my renewal to coincide with a planned work trip... :biggrin:.
  13. I just got one of my daughters and it took 2 wks - NOT expedited!!! I went to my Post Office and it was easy.
  14. Yes, please ONLY go through the official U.S. passport agency. Those other websites/places are not endorsed by the U.S. government, and they actively discourage people from using outside sources.
  15. Jill - I am a bit confused. So far only CIBT was mentioned here as an excellent place to have passports renewed - by myself and another long term member. I can speak for myself - I work for a Fortune 500 company that *ONLY* uses CIBT for passports and Visas. In fact, I would not recommend it to users here if they did not do an excellent job at all times - better, in fact, than the US Government. For example, if I had to go through my renewal with the US Govt - I would have required a day off work and several hundred miles on my car.. but I digress.

    I am sure that CIBT will charge more than the US Govt... but the security, tracking and efficiency of their business cannot be beat. If one doesn't have an extra buck or two and has plenty of time - well then go through the regular chanels. If not - I *highly* recommend CIBT to get you the docs one needs.

    Adding with an edit: If I've misunderstood your post please advise!!! :smile:
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