Expecting any Chloe presents?

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  1. So, are any of you ladies expecting to receive Chloe for the holidays??? And from who?? Boyfriend/husband/parent??
    I'm not... :crybaby:
    My boyfriend and I decided to not spend a lot this year. We both spent a lot on each others' birthdays, and he has some major maintenance to be done on his car (and I'm saving up for a Mousse paddy haha). Hopefully, I'll be able to give myself a nice post-Christmas present sometime in late January!
  2. I hear ya! I don't think I will be getting much this year either- spent a bundle in the beginning of the year, so trying to cool it now. (Trying is the key word there:P)
  3. I think I got all my presents throughout the year :shame:
  4. lol @ jag - trying...ohhh it's such a hard word to say when it comes to bags!!!:nuts:

    Any Chloe for me? No! Sadly...:crybaby: :hysteric:

    I did buy two paddies in the latter half of this year though...so i've done alright, lol:graucho: ;)
  5. nope nope.... I've just bought 2 paddys last month, unless some powerful fairygodmother sprinkles some powerful magic dust on my phh to turn him into plh.... not in a million years would I dream of getting a Chloe from him:P
    In fact he just asked me "why can't you just have one bag like most women?":wtf: Huh?? Am I like most women? I thought you said I am very special and there's only one me on planet earth? So why can I NOT have more than one bag? And do you know I don't anyhow buy bags?? I read, I do research, I surf around.............. etc etc...:mad: :lol::lol:

    I am so bad:greengrin: actually I loooooove:heart: my phh very much!!:love:
  6. The only Chloe gift I'm getting is my silverado from AR, but that's from me to me :P I might be getting myself a paddy, but that's still undecided :graucho:
  7. i don't think so but i did buy myself a chloe present for xmas!
  8. LOL! What woman has one bag??? Certainly not any of us!!! :shrugs:
  9. nooo but i wish!!
  10. No not me either :sad:. My presents are all under the tree and are all very small, too smalll to even fit a clutch in! My boyfriend put a little handbag charm on one of the presents and told me thats the only handbag i'm getting this christmas!! I'm not disapointed though, we're both students so was never expecting anything.

    There's still the presents from santa though....:P