Expect the UNexpected

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  1. Long time no see, but I had to stop in and share this incredible find. Since it's been a while, I am going to require a little bit of humorous participation for this reveal. Lol!

    Look at you neighbor and say, "Grab your drink and your popcorn because IT'S..ABOUT..TO...GO..DOWWWWWN!

    Here is the skinny-

    I had a meeting, but received a phone call that it had been postponed. I decided to take a quick trip to the mall. As soon as I got there, I received a phone call that the meeting would be starting momentarily, so I headed to the meeting. Never expected to get back to the mall because the meeting was expected to last the rest of the day. Well, it didn't and back to the mall I went. I didn't see a COACH counter in this particular store, so I ask the SA in handbags if they sold COACH. The lady pointed across the store. I headed to shoes first and eventually made it to the COACH section.

    When I reached the COACH counter, I asked the SA if they had this particular bag. She said no and all they had was on the floor. I said okay and began to walk away annoyed by her tone and subpar customer service. As I walked away, I noticed this bag down on the bottom of a nearby shelf next to a purple MT. I gasped and said..is..th..at..the..had to remind myself to breathe. The other SA who was helping another customer quickly unlocked it and began to peel off the clearance sticker to reveal the the style number and color. Lazy bones said, "no that's purple." Smh. The other SA said yes this is it. Do you want it. Heck yes!

    So you are probably wondering which bag it is. Introducing Miss Oxblood Borough
    Was the price right? Singing how low can you go..can you go down low..all the way to the floor..how low can you go...$124.57!
    I would say that's pretty darn low! Lol! Still in freaking disbelief and did not expect this..AT ALL.

    No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you! Thanks for looking!
  2. WOMAN, that is the deal of the YEAR!!!! NO others can TOP that!!!
    Alot of drinks gonna go down with this reveal!!!!

    CONGRATS and I am sure you will find MORE!!!!

    Bag twins woman!!!!!!
  3. WOW! Wow! What a find! It's gorgeous!
  4. Definitely the deal of the year!! Can't get lower than that!! You did good my friend very very good!! Talk about the right place at the right time. Congrats girl she is absolutely stunning!!
  5. THE deal to outdo all deals. Oh my. Congrats. :yahoo:

  6. Oh wow! Look who's back!!!!! Hey there Miss CfC09. You were certainly missed. This deal shut ME down. Lol! Still speechless..

  7. Thank you!

  8. Lilitaly, I am still speechless. I almost fainted when I realized what the price would be. Thanks, doll.
  9. Hey there!! No words..no words..since I can't say anything, I'll just waive my hand.
  10. Best deal EVER!!! :ps::ps::ps:

    I'm so happy for ALL of you ladies finding Boroughs at great prices!
  11. Amazing!!! I love that bag!
  12. Awesome score, congrats!
  13. This one takes the cake! What a steal!! Congrats. :choochoo::wlae::choochoo:
  14. Shut the front door!! Amazing deal!!!! Deal of the century....holy cow! Congrats...enjoy her!
  15. Gorgeous! Congrats! And I love your fun intro :smile: