Expect some WILD New bags!!!

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  1. Well I just read this,

    and it seems cutting egde desginer as well as artists and Architects will be revamping the styles of the Iconic Bags that make up the House of Vuitton!!:yahoo:

    The site says they'll reveal the reinterpretations on September 12...although I don't think they'll be for sale though...

  2. Awesomeeeeee.... :biggrin:
  3. how exciting! I can't wait to see what they do with them all! I'm looking forward to seeing the speedy, noe, and keepall! :yes:
  4. oooh i remember the designer reinterpretations from before! those were really cool looking. i'm especially interested in how the speedy will turn out.
  5. Sounds to me they will just be "art" pieces and for display/showcase around the world....don't mean it will be produced for sale, right?
  6. wow! this is such exciting news!! :yahoo:
  7. i see that robert wilson is doing it again he did the vernis....what do you call it?
  8. Whoa!!!!
  9. can't wait to see them! hopefully some designs aren't too outlandish that they could produce some to sell.
  10. Can't wait to see what the speedy will look like!
  11. Can't wait!!!:yahoo:
  12. Oooh!
  13. oh i do hope they release them as limited editions :yes:
  14. thanks for sharing, khoi!
  15. Ooooh, I can't wait to see what the bags will look like! This is so exciting!
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