expansion of the miroir line...

  1. Since some PF'ers have found out that the lockit will be added to the miroir line, I was thinking how cool it would be to have other things added as well. I think they should also expand this to the men's line. I would personally buy a cles and messenger if they made it in Miroir and made it a little more masculine.

    What additions would you like to see added to the Miroir? :smile:
  2. a lockit? wouldn't that make it look very similar to the alma?
  3. it's 2 different bags, since the alma miroir is an alma voyage, it's more a luggage piece.
  4. I would love a Miroir wallet of some sort.
  5. cles will be cute..
  6. An actual Cles... in gold with vachetta trimmings... :drool:
  7. Looks like we responded at the same time... :p
  8. Some type of shoulder bag, like a Miroir Thompson Street and a Koala wallet!
  9. Well, the only thing that is known is that this year's summer bags will most definitely be from Miroir line (hands down, and you'll see :winkiss:) and that the Lockit will be in Miroir.

    It's about "Les Icones" in Miroir and the Lockit qualifies. The Noé was/is supposed to be in Miroir, BUT because the flexibility needed to keep it looking like a Noé might detract from the Miroir material, they might never make it.

    The Speedy, Keepall, Alma and Pochette Acc. have all been done. I think the Lockit will be the ONLY one in Miroir, alas :s
  10. Wasen't the black LV-inyl messenger quite like a black mirroir that could be easly worn by men? I thought some guy here (john?) Had the squishy?
  11. ME? No, I don't own the bag... however 2-3 fellow PF'ers do own this bag.

  12. LOL:roflmfao: Great minds think alike
  13. They are making a MIROIR LOCKIT?!?!?!?! Since when?!?!?! I thought it was too hard to make these bags, hence the extrememly limited production, why are they now making a lockit?
  14. Well when I posted this info about a Miroir Lockit about 4 months ago, hardly anyone believed me and a few individuals said that "my reliable sources were wrong". :rolleyes:

    It was top secret back then, but are now releasing the news about producing it.
  15. ^^ And now, who would that "reliable source" be....:sneaky::lol: j/k