Expanded Use Number

  1. Has anyone had to wait to be sent an expaned use number to their credit card statement before being able to proceed with pay pal payments? I thought I had set up my account properly, my credit card details are right and I have had my address confirmed. However, when I went to pay for an item with paypal yesterday I wasn't able to proceed with payment without my expanded use number. Plus it takes 2 to 4 working days to appear on your credit statement (still waiting...). Has any one had any experience with this?
  2. I did process an expanded use number, but that was to withdraw more than $500 per month (I had a good month last year!). I am guessing that you have spent your 'limit' this month for non expanded use. Not sure what the limit is. It all went through fairly quickly, and as soon as I put the number in, I could withdraw (or in your case pay) straight away.
  3. Thanks that makes me feel a lot better! I will just have to wait patiently :yes: