Expanded Use Number?

  1. i bought a chanel ipod holder on eBay on friday and everything went fine. But 2day i went to pay for a coach bag and i kept getting denied, under my two credit cards i have on pay pal they say Expanded Use Number Needed i bought a few other things on eBay and nothing like this has happened... i read a few comments about this on pay pal and eBay but i still dont get it.. any advice on this will be good thnxs :confused1:
  2. That is strange, I have never heard of this! Did you try calling paypal or maybe your cc company? If it happened with 2 different credit cards, I would have to think that it is something with paypal and not the cc. Hopefully you will get some anwers soon.
  3. is it maybe the 3 digit # on the back of the cc ? (or the 4 digit on the front of an amex) ?

    I'd call paypal though ..
  4. ^ i tried that and this came up

    This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer's customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.

    and then i did some research on the Expanded use number and i cant believe what i have to do now... apparently its some random number that pay pal issues for security and once i get the number i have to go through an Expanded Use Enrollment Process before i can pay for anything... its really weird
  5. This is a new security measure, they are going to give you an option that says request expanded#, then like after 3 days the number should be on your statement, you have to confirm it with paypal. this is to make sure you are the right owner of the credit card. I had to do this last week.
  6. yeah i figured it out lol... thanks though :smile:
  7. To get around this (to avoid delay) you can remove one of the cards you keep on file in Paypal and then you don't need it. I have done this before -removed my primary and used the card that was requiring the expanded use number (without it) and then added the other card back -made it primary agin and put in the expanded use number for the other card when it posted to my online statment...