expanded use fee!

  1. ughh im so annoyed! i won something on eBay and now i need to put my card through an expanded use fee thing! how long should this take? i dont want the seller to think that im not gonna pay her.

    the number is like on the description of the item right? like where they list the company?

    and now it wont let me add my amex so i have to use my mastercard. ugh! this is a major pain.
  2. I have never heard of this. Can someone please explain this a little?

  3. You can either remove the card you have on there and then add the new card-to get around the wait. OR you can have both cards on there and what will happen is that PP will charge like .12 or some other wierd number to the card and then beside that on the statement will be a code... You can check for it if you have online access to your CC acct in a few days. Personally I have just removed the primary card on my account and then added the new one. HTH:flowers:
  4. With my card, they charged & reimbursed €1.50 (to verify that the card is valid), and gave a 4-digit "expanded use" number which appears on your online CC-statement within 3-4 days, and you have to give it to PayPal.
    I did it just a few weeks ago and it was free (with the €1.50 given back); I hope the don't start charging 'fees' for it now?!
  5. I am in the process too but havent received my cc statement yet. They keep hassling me with emails but they sent me one saying that if my cc tells them that i called to find out the number they will permanently close my Paypal account....I mean it...I will look for the mail and copy it..
  6. This is totally normal, Paypal let you use up to a certain amount and then you need to verify or you won't be able to use your account.

    It's nothing to panic about but be sure to let your seller know that you are waiting for your expanded use code
  7. I didn't know they would do that with your credit card. I thought you had to give them a bank-account number. Then they added two deposits of 0.12 and 0.03 cents which you had to report back to them.
    The only hassle is now they want to pull the money from my bank account as my primary funding source, and I want my credit card to be my primary funding source.
  8. You can add a card and choose that as your funding souce when you pay...
  9. I change & add credit cards all the time & have never had a problem. Is this the first time you've added a cc?
  10. ^ Mes Sacs, can you access your cc-statements online? That way the code shows up within a few days, and you don't have to wait for the monthly statement on the mail. I'm with MBNA and it was very easy to sign up for online access, but I don't know how is it with other cards.
  11. it better show up soon! i hope the 3-4 days includes weekends. siigh this is such a hassle. i really want my bag sent.

    oh i guess its just a one time fee... or maybe i pulled the word fee out of my random fury with paypal and their hassles.
  12. Did you try to remove the currect CC on your account and then add the new one? If you do that you will not have to wait.:nogood: