Expandable Tote

  1. Do you find that this bag is too flimsy? It won't stay up long enough to get inside to get what you need.
  2. NOPE....I like mine......I prefer it to the expandable flap style too
  3. yeah, i found it flimsy so i returned it. i made the mistake of not taking out the stuffing so when i tried it on, i loved it in the boutique, but when i used it and put my things in it, i didn't like the way it collapsed. if there was a way to keep it more rectangular, i may have kept it, but i'm just not a hobo bag type of person.
  4. I agree it is rather flimsy and it gives a causal look because of that. But I will keep mine because it is not too bad.
  5. It's not flimsy, it's just unconstructed -- it's supposed to be that way IMO. My MC tote kind of does that too.
  6. I agree, the expandable classic flap does not look smart at all for evening. too casual and this is not the purpose of a classic flap. that' why i try to sell it on eBay. we'll see