Expandable Tote

  1. I saw this bag yesterday at the Chanel store in New York and fell in love with it. Does anyone own this bag? If so what color and what do you like about the color you chose. I am contemplating getting the red or the white.
  2. Jill and several others own this bag... look in the reference library you can find pics there!
  3. The red looked beautiful IMO.
  4. Red!!! Get Red!!
  5. There are pics of the red and black in the ref. library.
  6. the red one is tdf!
  7. I have the red tote..LOVE IT!!!I may get another one too..lol...hehe!
  8. I agree...get the red. It's gorgeous!
  9. I picked up my black one yesterday & it is absolutely gorgeous! It was more than I expected. It is comfortable on the shoulder and sits perfectly at your side/hip. It is somewhat structured but yet the leather is smooshy soft. I love, love, love it and I am sure you will too!
  10. I saw the expandable in dark brown, and the color is amazing!!!!! Deep, rich chocolaty brown with a nice sheen to the leather. I can't get that color out of my head. Might cave and get the tote in that color.
  11. I think white is a very nice color for an expanable tote. This style looks much more better than the expandable flap one.
  12. I like brown and red.
  13. I think I am going with red and maybe brown later. Thanks everyone!
  14. That's a good choice! I'm getting the red too :tup:
  15. I agree.. RED!