Expandable Tote or Flap Bags in Beige-Tan? Scratches?

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  1. Is anyone in the world still stocking this bag, or the same colour with a flap? I love it so much but..

    I just received mine from ebay (was purchased from saks) and it is perfect, but the back of the CC charm has rubbing marks as pictures show :sad:

    Anyone know how to fix this or where i can get a new bag or charm? The Melbourne Australia boutique is supposed to be getting back to me, but there's no chanel store in my city! :sad:



  2. ummm.i really dont see any probs with that but if it bothers u..maybe they can be buffed out?call chanel and see if they can order a new charm?
  3. This looks like a great bag but one of the reasons I passed on it was because the charm hangs so close to the bottom of the bag. I could see it getting knocked around and scratched easily.

    Have you tried gently wiping it with a soft cloth to see if the marks are superficial?
  4. As far as I have known, all metal can be reguilded. Try to ask the shop directly! :biggrin:
  5. thanks girls, i've asked the shop, just waiting on a response! the marks wouldn't come out with brasso, rubbing or anything!
  6. sorry about the scratches, they really annoy me too! But I also think it's inevitable that the charm will get scratched up a little, esp. it is so low close to the bottom..
  7. thats true, i think i'll sell it and buy a caviar classic flap in large with silver hardware? :smile: does anyone own one? xx
  8. My Black Expandable ~ I Haven't Had That Problem (I Haven't Used It Too Much). Definitely, Contact Chanel!;)
  9. Gorgeous bag, and I am loving that rich tan color. I think you should be able to get those CC's buffed out. Good luck!