Expandable Tote has arrived in HK

  1. I saw them in the shop window in Central this morning whilst getting to work...in black and in white I think...

    They also had other expandables as well, the one that Jill has two (I hope I have the number correct!) of, the expandable flap...and a new style of expandable with a nobbish thing for a clasp...

    Sorry cant be more specific re the last one but I'm sure the girls here will make an educated guess as to which I am talking about![​IMG]
  2. hello, may i ask if they already have the bubble quilt bowler bags in hong kong?
  3. ^ate jen, yes, I did saw them already (As far as I can remember)
  4. there were bubble quilt bowlers in HK 3 weeks ago!
  5. I saw them too, but I think the bubble quilt flaps only recently arrived.
  6. Totally off topic here, but I assume the girls who posted here are in HK. Anyone planning on lining up for a "I'm not a plastic bag" bag on Friday?
  7. ^^^^ hahaha my cousin is desperate to get one in the uk but with no luck and she will not be back in HK to queue up for it cos she is not due to arrive until next monday. however me and my mum each has one, so two in the household.

    is a very cute bag. love it.
  8. There was 1 jumbo bubble quilt bowler in Prince's Bldg Shop a week ago at HK$23,000, but I wonder whether it has ever been go on the shelf as it may be bought very quickly.
  9. sorry, OT: what color is coming out in HK? I got the blue one - the US release :yes:
  10. LOL. They're all sold out. :crybaby:
  11. Ohhh, I LOVE this bag! How much is this one in HK? :drool:
  12. HK edition is grey lettering. aparantly japan is having green lettering

    my cousin's friend said the price was around 150 HK dollar.

    I got mine for £5. the only bag which i queued up for and had so much fun whilst waiting outside the supermarket.

    i think the prices on eBay for this bag is getting crazy.
  13. by the way i have the UK version, the brown lettering one.
  14. Is there any red expandable tote and brown expandable flap (Jill just bought) in HK?