Expandable shoulderbag

  1. Would you guys know where I can get this?? Expandable flap , i just saw someone wearing it and it looked so light and practical....

    beige or black...
  2. Call CHANEL..I use JILLIAN at PALM BEACH GARDENS,FLORIDA store....she got most of mine!
  3. my NM had a bunch last time I was there
    Shannon 877.634.6265
  4. NM San Antonio has light beige and black
  5. Damien at Saks in Bala Cynwyd. He is our DJO.

    Also, my NM had a bunch of them (KOP).
  6. I just got back from the Chanel boutique in Boston. They had the black and ivory in the Expandable flap. They also had the Expandable Drawsting in ivory and chocolate.
    Michael @ 617-859-0055 Tell him Betty sent you. ;)

    Hehe I told DH I was just going to look...then I purchased the Camelia CC holder in black.
  7. I have it in Black and I just love it! It is so soft and light, easy on your shoulder and looks great. The leather just keeps getting softer!
  8. great! thanks everyone... now i dnt know which to buy... white or black...how much is it now? i want the flap
  9. I totally love this bag. Post pics when it arrives. As far as price I think it's in the $2600 range or more.
  10. I really like the Black. The stitching shows up alot on the White and the Brown. Black is just easier, you'll use it alot more because you won't be worried about getting it dirty! I bought mine for an everyday type bag, so it's more practical for me.
    I didn't love the brown, but the white is very pretty .....
  11. Black!!
  12. Love the black. Really can go with everything.

    I am under the impression that Jill said the flap was now 2650 before tax.
  13. YEP..The expandable flap tote is now 2650.......ouch
  14. thanks, ladies.... as it is . i live in a c ountry where there's no chanel. so i have to ask a relative to get it for me.

  15. What is the original price Jill? Hmmmmm...... I already feel regretted to ask this question:crybaby: