Expandable or Modern CHain

  1. So If you girls had a choice to either get a modern chain flap or an expandable which would you choose? I have an opportunity to get EITHER, not both:tdown:, and I am not sure, so tell me which is a better choice, or harder to get>? TIA
  2. Expandable.

    The Modern Chain Flap is teeny tiny.
  3. I vote for the expandable.
  4. I go for expandable.
  5. Expandable...soooo growing on me!!! :yes:
  6. Expandable. Like swanky said, the mc flap is very small.
  7. Expandable..I have 2 and adore them!
  8. Expandable. Which color will you get?
  9. I have the small expandible tote in black and I love it. I vote for the expandable.
  10. I'd say EITHER!! Or just the MC Tote!
  11. well he said he had two put aside for me, the expandable he said is a very dark brown color i believe
  12. Expandable
  13. the expandable is bigger and hold more. price wise the mc flap is a lot less.
  14. I love both -- LOL.
  15. hmmm...expandable I think.