Expandable, Modern Chain N/S, GST w/SH

  1. SA just sent these to me, enjoy!:heart:
    MVC-027S.jpg MVC-028S.jpg MVC-029S.jpg MVC-030S.jpg MVC-031S.jpg
  2. more:
    MVC-032S.jpg MVC-038S.jpg MVC-039S.jpg
  3. Great pics, that expandable is to TDF and so light to carry, I love it!
  4. The first GST is dark brown with SH.
  5. Savannah, your 2nd set of pics hasn't posted.
  6. do u have one? does it get scratched easily?
  7. ^ I have the expandable flap from this season and was debating between the two. The leather is the same, it is stitched calfskin. It definately is not as durable as the caviar leather, but I don't think it will scratch easily unless you really abuse it. The leather is similar to my Chloe Betty shoulder bag and I have used that a lot without a single scratch. I found that the leather on the expandable range seemed a lot more durable than the leather on some of the other fall bags like the bubble quilt and the Sharpey range. If you like Modern Chain than the glazed calfskin makes it a bit more durable but the Modern Chain is too heavy this season IMO. The GST will have the most durable leather being Caviar but some Pfrmers find the shape too boxy and it is a bit heavier than the expandable tote.
  8. I think I may die if I don't get this one
  9. OMG!! A dark brown GST w/ silver hardware?! :drool: Is it actually dark brown (aka marron fonce), and not the new Bordeaux?! I'm so confused, because the stores didn't order this color as far as I know! :confused1: I don't know if I should get this or the dark brown MC E/W tote, ahh. May I have your SA's info (you can PM me if you'd like) regarding the dark brown GST? :smile: Thanks!! :heart:
  10. ^I just called her, she said it's the dark brown, not the bordeaux.
    Her name is Nicole from NM in Plano/Dallas. Her number is 877-634-6265, ext. 1305.
  11. Thanks for sharing pics Savannah. =)
  12. Hi there. :smile: Hmm... I just got home and called, but Nicole wasn't there... I spoke with another SA, and they didn't see it at all (she even checked the system)... but, she told me that they are apparently getting brown (NOT bordeaux) GST's in and I could get on the list... how strange! :confused1: If I can't track it down when Nicole calls me back, I'd rather get it from my SA at NM, if in fact brown GST's are coming out! :smile: Thanks! :smile:


  13. what do you call this style??? whats the color on this and how much.. is tihs the same as the GST or is it???
  14. OMG! me too!
    I need a GST and an Expandable!!!

    I'm not sure if I want to deal with the weight issue of the Modern chain.
    Savannah - is your Modern Chain black or brown? I cannot tell by my computer screen.
  15. the expandable is gorgeous!thank's for the pic:smile: