Expandable in Camel

  1. SO, my expandable arrives today. and it's as gorgeous as i remember.... but it's the wrong color!!!!

    i wanted the off-white expandable but I got the camel instead. it's really pretty though. I've attached some pictures. What do you think? I still like the white/cream...
    camel.jpg camel2.jpg camel3.jpg
  2. It's pretty, but I'd rather have the off white color.
  3. Whoa it's big! I think off-white is better, too. Camel might be easier to take care of, or at least you would worry less about it.
  4. Oooh never saw the expandable in this color! Very pretty! But I prefer the off white too.
  5. they don't have the off white one anymore! NOOO!!!!! :sad:
  6. I saw an off white expandable in the SCP Chanel boutique about 3 weeks ago...maybe it is still waiting for you to claim.:graucho:
  7. hahaha. oooh. maybe. thanks! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. I actually like the camel alot. I think it looks great on you. So are you keeping it or sending it back?
  9. The great thing about camel...it looks so pretty in the winter with grey flannel. Sorry that you didn't get the color you wanted/expected.
  10. I love that bag, but I agree with everyone else. I like the white better, too.
  11. I don't quite know. I'm thinking about it. It's going to sound so stupid. But I've been having like these fantasies of me carrying my white expandable flap around ever since i decided to get it! It's hard to replace it with the camel in my head!

    I'm thinking of returning it to the NYC Saks and hunting for my white flap. Are you interested in it? If you are, PM me and I'll give u the SA details. It's brand new. I always insist that my bags come from the back room. :p
  12. Not stupid at all! I know what you mean when you have a picture of yourself wearing an outfit all picked out for your new bag. I guess the beige doesn't fit into that "fantasy" of yours huh? LOL!

    Do you shop at Saks NYC too? Me too! :smile:
    I am actually debating on the rock and chain flap right now. Too bad Saks did not order it in the large size.
    Thanks for the offer though :smile:
  13. jesh--your fantasies are not silly, and it probably means you should not settle for the camel, and try for the off white...:yes:
    that being said, i love the camel as well and it looks so worry free and versatile color wise...
    sorry! i probably confused you more....:push:
  14. I love that on you ..but I would return it and find what you love....otherwise you will always be thinking about the other color!! Lovely though!!!
  15. It looks really nice but i would prefer the off white!