Expandable Flap

  1. The Chanel Expandable flap bag is beginning to grow on me! Anybody knows where they may be available, and in how many sizes do they come in? Thankyou!
  2. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America has the Expandable flap in camel beige and black.
  3. Thanks! What about navy blue?
  4. Nordstrom did not buy the Expandable collection in navy blue.
  5. I have it in black and I am getting it in camel too this week.Its a GREAT BAG!I wear mine alot!
  6. Charlotte NM has it in a couple of colors.

  7. I saw the black expandable at NM White Plains two days ago - 914-428-2000.
  8. Saks portland(NO TAX!) has one in camel beige. i'm sure they have other colors too.
  9. I think only the Chanel boutiques have navy.
  10. NM SFO is getting the large tote in navy if you're interested. You can call Christine at 415-3623900.
  11. To clarify my previous post, NM got other expandables in navy, but not the flap. That is the bag I think you can still get at a Chanel boutique. After trying NM and Saks, I got one last week by calling Chanel in NYC. The bag was shipped from Florida, so that might be a place to try.
  12. the Expandable flap in navy, and I, made one another's aquaintance :p at the Bal Harbor (Miami) Chanel boutique a few days ago.
    it is TDF
    Call (305) 868-0550, ask for Brandyn - say Claudia referred you
    hurry if you def want it..........it will go fast and Brandyn is great, efficient and responsible
  13. I was on a waiting list at Saks in Atlanta, just received it today via FedEx. I got the off white expandable flap and it is gorgeous. I was at NM at Lenox Square in Atlanta yesterday and saw a black flap & a tote as well.
  14. When looking for hard to find bags call the NM in San Antonio
  15. I got the same one. I'm waiting for it to arrive from portland... it's taking FOREVER!!!! im so jealous. post pictures? :smile: